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Hideo Iizuka

QUP Principal Investigator

Senior fellow
Toyota Central R&D Labs.

Over 25 years’ experience in R&D in the automotive industry. For the first 10 years he was involved in projects on the developments of millimeter-wave radar systems, digital TV reception systems, and tire-pressure monitoring systems. Since then, he has been conducting fundamental research in optics and heat management in nanoscale. Recently, his research interest extends to sound waves and vibration waves. He wants to be able to manipulate “waves”.

Research Content

His recent research activity includes a challenge on manipulating Casimir force, which arises from quantum and thermal fluctuations. Possible applications include a non-contact shaft-bearing system, which will bring a drastic change in designs of satellites in the space industry as well as vehicles in the automotive industry, e.g., important building blocks such as motors. There are two key technologies we are going to investigate, i.e., (i) control of Casimir force and (ii) quantum sensing having extremely high sensitivity.

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