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Yu Nakahama

QUP Principal Investigator

Associate Professor

I have been performing research in high energy physics in order to discover New Physics beyond the Standard Model (BSM) of Particle Physics.

Research Content

In my PhD period, as indirect searches for BSM signature, I measured the time-dependent CP asymmetries in the flavour-changing-neutral-current decays (b->d and b->s) of B mesons at the luminosity-frontier Belle experiment at KEK in Japan. After my PhD, I then joined the energy-frontier LHC-ATLAS experiment at CERN in Switzerland. Regarding my work on science in ATLAS, I performed a number of direct searches for Supersymmetric Particles and Dark Matter since the start of LHC, and for Long-Lived Particles more recently. I have also been active in the Higgs-pair production studies aiming for Higgs self-coupling measurements, which is a newly-flourishing area of Electro-Weak & Higgs physics towards the future High-Luminosity LHC, for complete understanding of the Higgs mechanism and the nature of the vacuum in the universe. At QUP, I develop advanced analysis techniques including Machine Learning, and apply them to data analyses in order to efficiently achieve science outputs. Regarding my work on technology, I have been involved in the development & operation of the ATLAS trigger system in order to exploit the full BSM-discovery potential as well as to achieve the wide range of the energy-frontier ATLAS physics program. For the High-Luminosity LHC, I contribute to the mass-production of radiation-hard silicon modules and quality assurance & control in the context of the ATLAS Inner Tracker Upgrade project.

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