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Manabu Togawa

QUP Principal Investigator

Associate Professor


I am an experimental physicist of high energy physics. I developed key detectors such as a polarimeter of proton spin for the RHIC-PHENIX experiment at BNL and Large scale Electro-Magnetic Calorimeters for the Kaon rare day search experiment at J-PARC. Recent activity is the development of novel semiconductor detectors with a high radiation tolerance for the future collider experiment.

Research Content

So far silicon is commonly used as the sensor material in very wider variety of imaging application. In recent high energy and intensity beam experiments, radiation tolerance is required and such semiconductor material has been sought. I have used Cu(In,Ga)Se2 (CIGS) as a particle detecting sensor (Fig. 1). The CIGS has originally developed for a solar cell and is known to have the recovery of radiation damage with compensation of the defects by ions (Fig. 2). It is the first attempt in the world to make a particle detector by CIGS focused on the recovery features. I also investigate the wide-gap semiconductor materials, such as diamond, GaN, AlN, to obtain a comprehensive understanding of the mechanism of radiation damage.

Fig.1 First CIGS detector

Fig.2 Recovery of the CIGS solar cell with heat annealing,

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