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Noriko Y. Yamasaki

QUP Principal Investigator



I do observational astrophysics by X-ray spectroscopy, and develop cryogenic detectors. I am working in ISAS space astronomy and astrophysics department, and has involved in many X-ray satellite, ASCA, Suzaku, Hitomi, XRISM, and Athena. On QUP, new application of cryogenic detectors will be expected.

Research Content

Using X-ray spectroscopy, I studied hot plasma in galaxies and large scale structure. and other phenomena such as dark matter search from observational astrophysics. There are lots of unrevealed components like dark matters and dark baryons and their roles are still wainting to be investigated. Not only development of spacecrafts, I also developed cryogenic detectors in the laboratory. In-house fabrication of TES, and microwave read-out is now on-going for the Axion-search experiment.

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