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   Leaving Japan
  Cancellation of contracts
  Deliver & Shipping

Deliver your suitcase to Airport &
  A list of some shipping companies

 Deliver your suitcase to Airport

 There are delivery services between major airport and wherever you go inside Japan. Considering the
 long walks / stairways, and so forth using public transportations, it is an option worth considering. At
 the airport, you go to their service counter and find what they can do for you. When you leave Japan,
 they could pick up your luggage or whatsoever from where you are staying and bring them to airport
 and keep them there for you. Pick up your luggage at their counter in the airport on the day of your
 departure. They could pick up your luggage several days in advance, so that you could enjoy the last
 few days in Japan without worrying about your big suitcases. Services vary depending on the office.

 They generally require that they should get your packages at least two days before your departure date.
 This depends on the area you will have your luggage to be picked up and the airport you will depart
 from. Check for the detail. Be aware that they may not understand English when you call.

 pin Yamato Transport Co., Ltd

 Please visit the Yamato Transport to see more information. ya   

 Customer Service Center : 03-3541-3411 (English is understood)

 Important Notes from Yamato Transport

 "Delivery Deadline Time" may differ depending on service offices. For the "Delivery Deadline Time" of
  each service office, please call Customer Service Center. TEL: 03-3541-3411

  they cannot deliver a luggage exceeding 160 cm,Each package should weigh less
  than 25kg and export prohibited items common to all countries.
  Please understand that due to the necessity for the safety transportation, the
  contents of luggage may be confirmed upon accepting them.


  Please fill in the airport name, the flight number, departure time and the boarding date in the delivery
   column of the Address Label. If there are several Pickup Counters within an airport, please fill in the
   terminal name (or wing name).
   For the Pickup Counters, please call Customer Service Center. TEL: 03-3541-3411

  This service is not available at some convenience stores.

  Yu-Pack for Airport

  Send your luggage to the airport, so that you don't have to carry the heavy load!

  Please visit the Japan Post Office websote to see more information. ya(Japanese)

  A list of some shipping companies

 For shipping packages from Japan to other countries, see attached list.

  Japan Luggage Express (Recommended by some researchers)
  Japan Express
Nippon Express

 updated: 2019-12-02