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  1 Before coming to Japan

passport. license user Domi_photo
visa Driver's License KEK Users Registration KEK Accommodation
A foreign national must
have a valid passport and
valid Visa in order to enter

An International Driver's
License or a Japanese
Driver's License is necessary.
Before making a reservation
for dormitory room, etc., you
must complete your User
Apartments in Tsukuba
Campus are prepared for
family’s use.
Apartment2 konsento Cellphone
Renting Apartment Japanese Electricity
Cell phone・SIM card・
Daily things in Japan
Regarding renting apartment
room in Tsukuba.
When you use the overseas
electric appliance, you use
the exchange plug to be
How to use the cell phone
for foreigners.
The minimal guide just to
get by in Japan for a few
tenki. tax hiragana
Weather Forecast Tax Japanese Language Access from Narita
Link to JNTO Website Regarding Income Tax
and Local Tax
Introduction to Japanese
Language, Japanese
alphabets, etc.
There are three ways from
Narita Airport to Tsukuba
Japan Rail Pass PASMO/Suica
This Pass can be used
only by short term
visitors to Japan
A prepaid e-money card
for moving around
and shopping.

 updated: 2023-07-05