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SIM card & Wi-Fi & Cell phone


How to use the Handset(Cell-phone) in Japan

The way a foreigner uses a Handset (Cell phone) in Japan has the following methods. 
Website of japan-guide have more information about cell phones in Japan, please visit it.<Link ya>

Usable methods are defferent by a stay.

 Short-stay (Stay within three months) 


 Use your phone

1 You bring your phone and use an international-roaming charge in Japan. Please make sure the cost before you leave your country. It is not recomended to use data roaming as it has high possibility to be exceedingly expensive.

 Purchase SIM card at Airport

2 You purchase a SIM Card for exclusive use of data for the inside of Japan.
Some SIM-free devices bought in overseas may not work in Japan as they are not suitable to Japanese communications standards.


3 You rent a Cell-phone or Wi-Fi at an airport of Japan and use it during a stay.
Website of japan-guide have more information about Wi-fi, please visit it.


At Narita Airport:

You can get rental Wi-Fi and cell phone, or purchase SIM card (includes vending machine) at several companies in the Narita Airport.
<Link ya>

At Haneda Airport:

For the Wi-Fi rental, cell phone rental, or SIM card purchase, please visit the website of Haneda airport.
<Link ya>

Online Rental store:

You can order Wi-Fi Rental on the PC. Please visit website of the Shop<Link ya>
Also, Ibaraki prefectre which Tsukuba city is in offers free Wi-Fi. Please visit the website of Ibaraki prefecture for more detail.
<Link ya>

 Long-Stay(Stay over three months) 



Rent a cell phone or Wi-Fi.

Please read the above article for the detail.

  Purchase a cell-phone

Purchase a cell-phone and make the contract

You can make contract for cell phone, SIM card, or Wi-Fi at K's denki-tonarie-CREO on the 2nd floor which is directly connected to Tsukuba station. They are available in English, too.
<リンク/Link ya>

At the time of a contract, "a Residence Card" is necessary.

pin Things required at the time of a contract

Certificate of Alien Registration or Residence Card
Valid alien registration or resident card and passport; period of stay must be valid for at least 90 days from application date.


You can pay the fees with credit card or by direct debit from a bank account or Japan Post Bank savings account.

Credit card used for monthly payment bearing same name, address, and date of birth as application.

Pay by credit card (In the case of soft bonk)

Any of the following credit cards is accepted. Payment must be made by credit card by customers who verify personal identification with Passport and Certificate of Alien Registration and purchase SoftBank handset via New Super Bonus (installment payment).


Items required to pay by bank transfer/withdrawal(Japan Post bank)

  • Seal/signature for account
  • Seal/signature for banking institutions
  • Banking institution name, branch name, account number, and file copy (bank book, etc.) for account holder (needed when proceeding with account transfer)

Payment for handset and Contract handling fee 3150 yen.

The main body charges of the cell-phone become the lump sum payment

  • All of , needs the normal contracts.
  • needs the prepaid method contract.

A landline phone number in Japan where you can be reached. Your residential address in Japan.

Letter of Consent

 updated: 2023-07-05