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  visa System in Japan

  A foreign national must have a valid passport and valid Visa in order to enter Japan. Prior to landing in Japan, he/she shall apply for a Visa corresponding to the purpose of his/her visit
at a Japanese embassy or consulate abroad.

A foreign national whose country has a reciprocal Visa exemption agreement with Japan is not required to obtain a Visa on certain conditions for a short period not exceeding a certain length for a certain purpose).

Visas are issued in the Japanese embassy or consulate in the foreign country. Visas cannot be obtained after arriving in Japan.

 You should know that getting visa could take a long time for residents of some countries. (As much as 4
 months because it requires many time-consuming processes in between.)
 You should find out these from the embassy of Japan in your country.
 Immigration rules change depending on political climate. So, prepare early.

 Please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan web-site to see more Information;

 New residency management system started from July 09, 2012 

 Please see a pdf of New residency management system of the Immigration Bureau of Japan. ya

 updated: 2019-12-02