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  3 Life Guide in Tsukuba

  mizu okane jitensya car
Banking Services Mail Service Rental Bicycle Automobile related
  The cost for utilities such
as gas and electricity is
not included in the rent. 
Open Bank Account,
Internationl ATM,
Rimittance, Exchang
Postal service at Post
Office, Inside of KEK
You can borrow a
bicycle in KEK.
Bicycle registration.
License in Japan,Car rental, Buying car,
Car insurance, etc.
  yochien hiragana   kega tv kaimono
  Education in Tsukuba Culturals Medical Care International TV Shopping
  Children who applied for
a “Moving-in Notification”
to Tsukuba can enroll in
the kindergarten or
Elementary school.
Japanese language class,
Ikebana, Sado, Zen.
Basic knowledge of
Japanese Medical Care,
Medical handbook,
Hospitals near KEK.
Receiving fee to NHK,
Foreign language TV
programs in NHK, etc.
Shops near KEK,
non-Japanese food,
Recycke shops, etc.
  tel nonJPf nonRestaurant bus eki
International Call non-Japanese Foods non-Japanese
Cheaper Tickes Handbook for
  Make an International call. Shops list for non-
Japanese food materials
Shops list for non-
Japanese Restaurants
Cheaper Tickes for bus
and TX, Multi-ride Tickes
Tsuku-bus, Kantetsu Bus, Train & Hiway.
 updated: 2024-04-18