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Advantageous Tickets & Multi-Ride Tickets

 Tsukuba Express (TX)

 Multi-Ride Tickets and Discount tickets

 They have three kinds of Book of Tickets.
 Tsukuba Express. The tickets have a time limit of 3 months from the day of
 You could redeem your unused ticket of any of the following. (if it is within
 the 3 months period) at a price calculated in a special way. (Original price
 minus regular price for each used ticket and minus a refund service charge
 220 yen is what you get back.)  Tokyo Metro Map ya


  1 "Futsu-Kaisu-Ken" Multi-Ride Tickets : 11,900 yen / 11-ride for the price of 10-ride.

  2 "Jisa-Kaisu-Ken" Multi-Ride Tickets : 11,900 yen /12-ride for the price of 10-ride
    (This ticket set is not available for children)

   This tickets has usable time window on weekdays as between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. No time
   limitation on weekends, National Holiday and December 30th to January 3rd.

  3 Weekend-Holiday Multi-Ride Tickets "Do-Kyujitsu-Kaisu-Ken":
    11,900 yen / 14-ride for the price of10-ride fare. (This ticket set is not available for children)
    This tickets can be used only on weekends, National Holiday and December 30th to January 3rd.

 Advantageous Tickets.

  The explanation of TX Discount tickets. Please see PDF

 Kantetsu Lical Bus Multi-Ride Tickes <PDF pdf>

 Kantetsu bus departs from Tsukuba Center (#5 bus stop) to KEK (Koh-eh-nel-ghi ken-cue-kikoh). Buses  bound for ‘Technopark Oho’ (#C8, C8A) and ‘Shimotsuma Station’ (#71).

  Fixe-price coupon tickes "Kingaku-shiki-Kaisu-ken"

  Choose one price ticket between 90 yen and 650 yen. You can be purchased in units of 10 yen.
  The set comes with 22 tickets for the price of 20 tickets. For example: 440yen×20pices =8,800yen
  (440×22=9,680yen - save 880yen ) The amount of money in which the face value used and a refund
  service charge (200 yen) are subtracted.

 Tsuku Bus Multi-Ride Tickets and One-day pass <PDF >

 Tsukuba-city's community bus called Tsuku-Bus (Hokubu-Shuttle-Bus route ) stops at the bus-stop in
 front of KEK. There are three bus stops form Tsukuba Center bus terminal to KEK (Koh-eh-nel-ghi ken-
 cue-kikoh) bus stop.
 Available to purchase a Multi-Ride Ticket and One-day pass from bus driver and Kanto-tetsudo Office

 1 There are three kind of Multi-Ride Tickets.

  ・ You pay 500 yen and get 11 of 50-yen tickets.
  ・ You pay 1000 yen and get 11 of 100-yen tickets.
  ・ You pay 2000 yen and get 11 of 200-yen tickets.


 2 The One-day pass of Saturday, Sunday and Public holiday: Adult 500 yen, Child 250 yen. Only that
   day of a ticket is effective.
 updated: 2018-09-07