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Automobile Related Matters


  You must not assume that laws and customs regarding driving a car are the same as that in your
  country. You should study the Japanese law before you start driving in Japan.

  In order to drive a car in Japan, an International driver's License or a Japanese driver's License is
  If you can get an international driver's license which the member nation of the Geneva Convention
  agreement of 1949 publishes in your country. 
  The International Driver's license is valid in Japan for one year from the date of the holder's initial 
  enter to Japan or the date of expiration, which ever comes first. Between the countries Japan has an
  agreement with, you could obtain a Japanese driver's license if you have a valid driver's license of 
  your country. You need to bring an official translation of the driver's license, and you must go through
  some tests on physical fitness for driving, test on traffic laws and actual driving test sometimes. 

 (Must read) It is a important guidance, if you are going to drive a car in Japan <PDF>

  Pleases see the web site of Kanagawa Police about trafic rulrs. 

  1. Basic driving rules ya  hyoshiki
  2. Driving on Expressways ya
  3. Traveling safely through intersections ya
  4. Type and meaning of Traffice signs ya
  5.Don't drive if you drink ya

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 updated: 2019-12-02