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Driver's License in Japan

 Automobile Related Top ya 
 Licenses required to drive in Japan

 For your safety driving, please be sure to understand traffic rules. Drive safe to enjoy your stay in Japanya

 You have to have one of the two licenses or the International Driving Permit to drive in Japan.

 If you have IDP, International Driving Permit based on Geneva Treaty  If your license is issued in the following counties.  In other cases, you should drive with Japanese Driver's License
When you drive you need to hold IDP and the orriginal drivers licence. You can drive for 1 year Belgium, Germany, France, Monaco, Slovenia, Switzerland, or Taiwan : You can drive with an official translation *of the license and the original license. The effective term is 1 year after your landing on Japan. If your driver's license is issued in the countries except :Transfer it into Japanese one (GAIMEN-KIRIKAEH) If you don't have any driver's license: After learning a Japanese traffic regulation and driving skills, you need to a pass written test and driving skills test at Mito Driver’s License Center to get it. These tests are much more difficult than in case of transferring foreign license to Japanese one. 

 At first we recommend confirming which category you exactly fall in, contacting to Mito Driver's License Center.
 The Users Office in KEK can help you to contact them.  EXT.6197

 ■ For more information, please refer to the following website.

 Explanation of category above and official translation*
 Website of Japan Automobile Federation (JAF)ya

 To Transfer Foreign Driver's License to Japanese one (GAIMEN-KIRIKAEH)

 You should visit Mito Driver's License Center.
 The Users Office in KEK can help you to contact them and to prepare papers for the required procedure.

 General information for the procedure
 Website of Ibaraki Prefectural Policeya

                   See the PDF file titled "English Version"

The procedure includes:

  1. Submitting some kinds of papers to be checked
  2. Interview for around 10 min. in Japanese : How did you obtain your driver's licenses?
    Non-Japanese speakers are required to be accompanied by an interpreter.
  3. Written test :10 true-false questions about traffic rules in Japan.
    To pass the exam you should have 7 or more correct answers.
    Concerning language, you can choose among English, Chinese etc..
    For your reference
  4. Driving test: The inspector gives some orders to drive in easy English.
    If you fail to pass it, you need reservation for next time.

  5. ※After you passed all examination above.
  6. Eye test

 If you hold the license issued in certain countries, 3) and 4) above are exempted.

     For more information, please ask at the Users Office.

 To prepare

     Written test: See this website

     Driving test: Tsukuba Driving School can supply 6 hours training but only in Japanese.
            If you take that training , they help you to prepare the required papers in advance.
            They don't have a website. TEL 029‐857-4065

 updated: 2020-11-05