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International Call

 International call 

 When you make an International call from Japan using an ordinary fixed-line, you use an access number
 of a telecommunication company. There are two companies such as NTT yaand KDDI ya

 Prepaid Card of International Call for Public Telephone

 ao_pin There is International public telephone in KEK Dormitory. Public telephone that accepts a Telephone
   Prepaid Card. You can purchase KDDI Prepaid Card yaat convenience stores. Seven-Eleven Osone shop
   is the nearest from KEK.Map  

 ao_pin Receive free shipping for rechargeable calling card : ya
   Pleses see about Sadia Card : ya
   (This Telephone Card can be recharged any time at convenience stores.)

 Make an International call by KDDI Prepaid Card 

 Make an International call from a public telephone by an international phone call card of KDDI which
 you purchased at the Grocery of KEK or by 100 yen coins.

 The procedure is as follows.
  1_1 Take off a receiver and dial 0055.

  1_2. There is explanation of Japanese and English after you heard a sound with a toot.

  1_3. Dial card number [ 81 # ○○○○○○○○○○○○(12 columns of number) # ]

  1_4 The balance of the card is performed.

  1_5 Dial the phone number of the partner point from a country card.
    Country Code → Telephone Number (Area code omit the first 0) → #

  1_6 After “Guidance” tells you the maximum possible call length, your call is connected.

 updated: 2019-12-03