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   Leaving Japan
  Cancellation of contracts
  Deliver & Shipping

Cancellation of contracts

 You need to cancel contracts on the followings

Can be done by phone
 Inform your apartment's landlord / Manager ya※1  Apartment’s landlord or Real estate agent
 Notify the Electricity company ya※2  Electric Power Company
 Notify the Gas company ya※3  Gas Company
 Water & Sewage ya※4
 Notify the City Office at last 4 or 5 days before
 you leave
 Tsukuba city Customer Service Center
 029-851-2811, 8:30am-17:15
 Cancellation of JAF
 You have to fill in a cancellation form.
 Customer Service Center
 0570-00-2811, Weekdays: 9:00∼19:00
 Saturday,Sunday,National Holiday, 
 Year-end and New Year period: 9:00∼17:30
 Cancellation of NHK
 You have to fill in a cancellation form.
 NHK 0120-151515 (Only Japanese)
Must go there by yourself
 Notification of moving out ya※5 
 < Example of fill-in ya>
 Tsukuba City Hall
 Withdraw from Notification Health Insurance and
 settle a premium.
ya < Example of fill-in ya> ※5
 Tsukuba City Hall
 #7 Notification Health Insurance Division
 Cancellation of a Bank Account ya※6
 You have to fill in a cancellation form.
 Bank or Post Office (Japan Post Bank)
 Cancellation of a Cell Phone
 You have to fill in a cancellation form.
 Cell Phone Company
 Cancellation of a Car insurance
 You have to fill in a cancellation form.
 自動車保険会社 Inurance Company
 The name change procedure of the car or junk
 car, deletion registration of a car
 Ibaraki Transportation Bureau, Tsuchiura Office
 for Motor Vehicle Inspection and Registration
 (2-1-3 oroshi-machi Tsuchiura) <Map ya>
 Cancellation of the ACCS
 Please remove a cable modem and bring with you
 to an ACCS office with an exclusive AC/DC
 ACCS Takezono Office
 1-2-1 Takesono
 10:00am~6:oopm <Map ya

 ※1. Moving out of Rental Apartments

   When you move out, you need to inform your apartment’s landlord/manager of your moving date
   one or two month before the date. When the notification delays you might be charged for another
   Clean your room thoroughly then the apartment’s landlord/manager will check the room on your
   moving date. Inform gas, electric and water companies of your moving and pay the rest of fee.

 ※2. Electric Power Company

   As soon as you know the date of your relocation, please contact Electric Power Company and
   provide the following information. On the day you move out, Electric Power Company staff will visit
   you so that your final bill can be paid.
   When the electric power company which you used is TEPCO, please see here ya.

     1. Address
     2. Name and Customer Number
     3. Date and Time of Relocation and Your New Address
     4. Payment Method

   Final bill
   The bill for electricity used between the preceding meter inspection and the day you move out will
   be calculated on a per diem basis. Finally, when you move out, do not forget to switch your circuit
   breakers to the "off" position.

   Please visit the Tokyo Electric Power Company Website to see more information. ya

 ※3. Gus  

   When moving out, please provide them with the following information. Address, name, building
   name, apartment number, telephone number, moving date.

 ※4. Water

   When you stop use of the water service, notify to Tsukuba city customer service center for water &
   sewage when at least 4 to 5 days in advance.

 ※5. Notification of moving out and Withdrawing from Notification Health Insurance and
    settle a premium.

   You must submit a notification when moving out from Tsukuba city.
   A moving-out notification can be submitted from about 14 days prior to the day of moving out.

   The insured person is not a Japanese citizen and leaves Japan without intention of returning, or
   without re-entry permission they must settle their premium in advance.

    Notifier-------- 1. Identical person or the householder
           2. A person in the same household
           3. The agent who had a commission from a way above-mentioned

    Required documents for notification
       1. Identification of the person who came to the service counter
        (Residence card, special permanent resident certificate, passport, driver's license etc.)
       2. A letter of proxy, if the notifier is a representative
         sankakuSample of a letter of proxy (author is Tsukuba city)  
       3. A Notification card or An individual number "My number"
       4. A basic resident register card (only persons who have it)
       5. Seal (If you have)
       6. National Health Insurance Card (only persons qualified)

 ※6. Bank Account

   On closing a Bank account, you will be requested to present your Residence Card, Bankbook, Cash
   Card and "Inkan" (If you used a Inkan, when you open a bank account)

   Joyo Bank cannot do the account cancellation of a contract in the agent.
   Post office can do the account cancellation of a contract of the agent. But a letter of proxy, a
   bankbook, the copy of the Residence Card are necessary.

 ※7. The name change procedure of the car or junk car, deletion registration of a car.

   Please see web site Sale & Junk car or Changing it into your name & Chang the address
   of Life Guide

 updated: 2019-12-02