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  Fire & Medical Emergency
  After car accident

Fire & Medical Emergency


 orenji_pin In case of fire, the best thing you can do it at the KEK Tsukuba Campus;

 1 When you notice a fire, get away to safe area and call for help

 2 Call the Information center at ext. 3399 and tell the person 'kaji-desu’ which
   means "fire". Be sure that you are ready to tell the person where the fire is.
   Tell the guard the name of the building as well as your name. Remain on the
   phone until the guard confirms that all the pertinent information need for
   proper action has been obtained.

   When you are outside of KEK, dialing 119 on any phone will connect you to
   a fire station

<Emergency button >

  How to call: 'kaji desu, basho wa (location)desu. watashino,namae wa (name) desu.'

 3 Press button on a fire alarm nearest to you. Japanese fire alarm is generally painted in deep red color
   and always have a red lamp on it. You need to break open a plastic cover of the fire alarm button
   before you can press it.

 Medical Emergency

 When you were suddenly taken ill inside Tsukuba campus  First aid

 When you are sick or injured while you are on-site, contact KEK Information
 Center at 3399 first.
 If you are staying in KEK Dormitory, contact a superintendent of Dormitory at
 5574 first, and tell them what is wrong with you. Don't forget to tell your name,
 phone number and where you are. They will help you.

 Do not try to go to a hospital by yourself, as some hospitals are not capable to
 handle patients who do not speak Japanese. If you are outside of KEK and get
 sick or injured, I would recommend you to go to Tsukuba Memorial Hospital
 (5.2km from KEK) or Tsukuba Medical Center (7.7km from KEK). They can
 accept patients 24 hours a day if it is an emergency.


 How to tell them;


Seriously disease / injured . Please call an ambuiance


 " kyubyo desu / kega-wo-shimashita. kyukyusha wo yonde kudasai.”


My name is _______ .


 " namae wa__.(your name)___desu.”

  3 My room number / place is _______  English

 " heya bango wa _( room number)____desu."

  4 My telehpon number is ________  English

 " denwa bango wa _ (telephone number )___desu."


 When you were suddenly taken ill outside Tsukuba campus

 Emergency outside of KEK: Call for an ambulance by dialing 119 in case of sudden illness or injury.
 Please tell at that time, not "Fire" this is an "Emergency" call. Fire and Emergency call are connected to
 the same number, 119 ( fire station) Please tell your name, phone number and where you are.
 Please tell the landmarks near you, in order for them to find you easier.

 In case of Crime, Traffic accidents : 'tohnan', 'hanzai', 'kotsu jiko' 110
 In case of Fire, Sudden Illness, Serious Injury : 'kaji', 'kyubyo', 'ohkega' respectively 119

 Hospital of the holiday turn 

 Most Hospitals and clinics are closed on Sundays and Holidays, but they take turns to take care of
 people who get sick on Sundays and Holidays. Please call the hospital,Clinic and "Iin" before you go to
 the examination.
 Do not try to go to a hospital by yourself, as some hospitals are not capable to handle patients who does
 not speak Japanese.

 updated: 2019-12-02