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  Inside of KEK Tsukuba Campus.

 Fire, Explosion

 1)When a fire alarm goes off

  Check the source of the fire and immediately report (even if it is a false alarm) to
  the Information Center (Extension 3399).
     Location, situation, your name, your extension or PHS number

 2)In case of fire or explosion, or if they seem imminent

  Loudly warn the colleagues around you, set off the fire alarm in the neighborhood,
  and report to the Information Center (Extension 3399).
     Location(report if the fire occurred within a radiation controlled area or not)
     situation, your name and your extension or PHS number

 ■ Injury, Sickness

 Contact the Information Center (Extension 3399). Report if the ambulance crew
 will have to step into the radiation controlled area or not.
 In case of an incident within a radiation controlled area, call the Radiation Controller‘s
 Office (Extension 3500), also. If urgent, you may directly call 119
     Report the location, name, situation of the injury or sickness.
 When you directly call 119, always report to the Information Center (Extension
. This is needed for personnel from the Information Center to escort the
 ambulance crew.

   First aid (pdf )


 1) Earthquake Early Warning
 In case when an earthquake of more than seismic intensity 4 on the scale is predicted
 in the vicinity of KEK, Earthquake Early Warning (EEW ; seismic intensity and arrival
 time) will be announced in KEK campus in Japanese. Do not panic, secure your head
 and hide under a strong desk etc. Do not rush outside



 2) In Time of Earthquake
  When earthquake occurs, plan for safety of your own and wait until the shaking
  Stay away from bookshelf, PC etc
  Open windows/doors to secure exits
 3) Right after Earthquake
Keep calm. Check all fire sources. Put out fire quickly.
  If you were using any sources of fire or heat, turn them off when the shaking comes down.
  ・If a fire occurred, contact Information Center (Extension 3399). Try to fight the fire before they
  arrive, if you are sure that you can keep your safety.
  Don't rush out in a panic. Watch out for falling objects.
  Secure your head for broken glass, signboards, and evacuate to designated public building or park.
  In KEK there are several Temporary Gathering Areas.
    At KEK, emergency broadcasting both in Japanese and English will flow after the earthquake of 4 in the
  scale of seismic intensity.
Moves to the Temporary Gathering Area.Evacuation areas Map
  If you escape safely, let's take refuge in a Temporary Gathering Area and report safety to responsible
  The residents of an apartment and dormitory should gather at the open space in front of a dormitory
  where is the Temporary Gathering Area.
 4) After Earthquake
  Follow the directions of a responsible person.
 updated: 2018-09-07

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                             HIGH ENERGY ACCELERATOR RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, KEK Users Office