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 Operation Manual  
 Visiting Procedures  
 Other Procedures    Procedure about an experiment and research
  round_g. Radiation Safety Control System (Japanese)
  round_g. Mechanical Engineering Center
  round_g. Safety Guide for Chemicals 
  round_g. Electronics Group/Electronics shop
  round_g. Utlization of Liquid helium and Liquid Nitrogen
  round_g. Computers and Network
  round_g. Usage of Cranes and Special Automobiles  
  round_g. Online Data Acquisition System
 Procedure under visit
  round_g. Driving or bringing a bicycle (motorbike) into KEK
  round_g. KEK ID card
  round_g. Portable telephone rental 
  round_g. Wireless LAN service
  round_g. LAN service in KEK apartment 
  round_g. Bicycle for rent
  round_g. Telephones and mailing service
 Procedures for Visitors  
 Get together &
 Research facility tour
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