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 sankaku06 User's Meeting

 ■KEK Users Office
 1-1 Oho Tsukuba, Ibaraki
 305-0801 Japan.

 ■J-PARC Center Users Office
 162-1 Shirakata Tokai-mura
 Naka-gun,Ibaraki 319-1195
 Tel: 029-284-3398
 Fax: 029-284-3286

 square_cha Wireless LAN service [Tsukuba Campus]

  square Please read 'Information Security Training' and 'Computer Security 11' before visiting the KEK.
  square When you applying for a wireless LAN, Please see below.

  • Rules and Regulations for Wireless LAN Usage
  • List of available networks for KEK users
  • How to apply

  square Rules and Regulations for Wireless LAN Usage

  We ask that you follow the guidelines listed below when connecting to the wireless LAN
  on the KEK Tsukuba Campus.
  Failure to comply with the following rules will result in disconnection from the network.
  We appreciate your understanding and cooperation to maintain the security of the wireless
  LAN service.

  1. Please check that your device meets the requirements as listed under
    ※【Checklist for wireless LAN connection】 before connecting to the KEK wireless LAN.
  2. It is your responsibility to take appropriate safety measures when connecting to the wireless LAN.
    If your device is a property of a university, institution, etc., be sure to comply with the rules set by the respective device-owning institution.
    If a security issue is found on our end, access to the wireless LAN will be limited or disconnected.
  3. Connecting devices with unsupported operating systems are prohibited.
    We ask that you upgrade the operating system to one that is currently supported.
    The OS version at the time of MAC address registration application with KEK must be a supported one.
  4. Usage of file sharing software such as peer-to-peer (P2P) (e.g. QQ, Zapya, BitTorrent, Winny, Kazzar, Xunlei, etc.) are prohibited. Usage of file sharing and P2P software is automatically detected and will result in immediate termination.
    When QQ is pre-installed, it can run in the background even if the application is not open.
  5. If a virus is found while using the wireless LAN, the connection may be disconnected without prior notice. Devices without proper virus protection software may result in refusal of the device being connected in the future.
  6. When you encounter problems while connecting or your device gets disconnected, please contact Users Office to resolve the issue.
  7. If you felt something is wrong (*1) with your PC, please contact KEK CSIRT.

     E-MAIL: csirt[at]

    (*1) Sample cases of computer virus infection:
    1. There are login records that you have no memory of
    2. Opened an attached file or URL in a suspicious email
    3. Hearing a clicking sound from the PC even if you are not clicking anything
    4. Found tampered websites

  ※【Checklist for wireless LAN connection】

  □The operating system of the device is supported.
  □The operating system is up-to-date with the latest security patches.

  For Windows and Mac devices:

  □Anti-virus software is installed.
  □The anti-virus license is up-to-date and valid.
  □The virus definition files and software are up-to-date.

  For other devices:

  □Please install anti-virus software when available.

  Upon completing all the above, you may use wireless LAN.
  Please take necessary measures, if you cannot meet the requirements.

 square List of available networks for KEK users

  Which networks are available in KEK Tsukuba campus, Please see the list of KEK networks.


 square01_b How to apply

  Before applying for the wireless LAN service, you must have a permission for using it from your
  contact person in KEK. After getting the permission, you need to apply for it according to the
  following procedure. Check your PC's MAC address (physical address of your wireless network
  interface) to complete the form. The registration is valid until the end of next March.
  You need to apply every fiscal year.
  For those whose purpose of visit is photon factory, please input “4209” in “Phone number to reach
  you inside KEK” column and “PF touban” in “Name of your contact person in KEK” column. 

  *In case, your PC is infected by a virus,
  we’ll contact your contact person after shutting off your PC from KEK network.

  <How to find out Mac address>

  Before applying for wireless LAN, you need to check your Mac address of your PC.
  Here is a document of how to find out Mac address. <PDFpdf>

  <How to apply for wireless LAN>>

  Here is a manual of how to apply for wireless LANPDFpdf>

  1. Log in your portal site. ID is your registered mail address.

Click “Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARK ” in the menu of the left-hand side of the screen.

  3. Click “Administration relating to your visit ” just below.
  4. Click “Next”.
  5. Click “Submit” (Resubmit from the second time) by the side of “Application for Wireless LAN access (Tsukuba Campus) “ in the list of “ Web application possible application”.
Fill in the 'Wireless LAN application classification' as below. When not fill in anything,
 it is treated as KEK-Spot(keyaki).
1) KEK-Spot (keyaki): As a matter of principle, please select this.
2) MA (Tsubaki-Ⅲ): If you need to access to the KEK network in carrying out research.

  6. Complete necessary information in the application form.
  7. Click “Submit”.

  ※Please wait a  registration  mail from Users Office for wireless connection  key.
  See more detail for connection keys. <PDFpdf>
  <Renew your Mac address for every fiscal year>

  Please apply and complete your user registration for every fiscal year before applying the wireless
  LAN for a new fiscal year (April 1 - March 31 following year).

  For more information click here. <PDFpdf>

 square01_b Specification of LAN adapter

  Circle_g Type of adapter: Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b) client adapter
  Circle_g It is based on IEEE802.11b
  Circle_g Frequency band: 2.4 - 2.497MHz

 square01_b Troubles

  Circle_g If you have any troubles, please contact the Operation General (ext.5770). Business hour of
   Operation General is from 9:00 to 17:00 of weekday.

  Circle_g In case of Network problem, Net Support will receive.
   Business hour of Net Support is from 9:00 to 17:00 of weekday.

 square01_b The area where you can use wireless LAN (Access points)
  KEK Dormitory (Bldg. 1,2,3,4)
  KEK Guest House (Bldg. A,B,C)
  Shokuin-Kaikan (1F, 2F Meeting Room) Employee’s Center
  Administration Bldg. (1F, 2F, Conference Room, Office of Director General,
  Secretarial room, Facilities Department)
  KEK International Center (Foyer, Users Office, Public relations)
  Kenkyu-Honkan (1F-3F, Lecture Hall, Meeting Room, Reading Room, Archives Office)
  Bldg. No.1 (Ichi-go-kan) (1F Meeting Room, Room No.220, two more points)
  Bldg. No.2 (Ni-go-kan) 1F (Meeting Room)
  Bldg. No.2 (Ni-go-kan) 2F-6F (Hallways)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 1F (Meeting Room, Seminar Hall)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 2F (Room No.212, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 3F (Room No.325, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 4F (Room No.425, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 5F (Meeting Room, Room No.518, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 6F (Room No.625, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.3 (San-go-kan) 7F (Meeting Room, Room No.714, In front of the elevator)
  Bldg. No.4 (Yon-go-kan) 1F (Seminar Hall, Foyer, Meeting Room)
  Bldg. No.4 (Yon-go-kan) 2F (Meeting Room, two more points)
  Bldg. No.4 (Yon-go-kan) 3F (Meeting Room, PS共同利用室, one more point)
  Bldg. No.4 (Yon-go-kan) 4F (Meeting Room, two more points)
  Computing Center North bldg. (In front of the Meeting Room, one more point)
  Computing Center South bldg. (Document corner, two more points)
  Structural Biology Bldg. (Meeting Room)
  Cryogenics and Vacuum Lab.
  Power Stations D1(1F)、D2(2F)、D4(1F)、D5(2F)
  Power Stations D7(1F)、D8(2F)、D10(1F、2F)、D11(2F)
  KEKB Tsukuba Lab. (1F, 2F, B1, B3, B4)
  KEKB Fuji Lab. (2F, B2, B3)
  ERL Test Facility 2F
  N-Counter Hall Lab.
  South Lab.
  KEKB Control Building (Meeting Room and one more point)
  e+e-Accelerator Lab. (1F, 2F)
  PS Lab. (Salon, control room)
  Radiation Control Office 2F
  Radioisotope Lab.
  Cryogenics Bldg. No.1, No.2 (Room No.103, 109)
  Cryogenics Bldg. No.4 (Hallway in front of the control room)
  PF Lab. (Hall, 2F Meeting Room)
  ATF container、LC container(ATF meeting room)
  Machine Shop Bldg. No.1 (meeting room)
  Machine Shop Bldg. No.2 (Hallway), Bldg. No.3
  KEKB Oho Lab. (1F)
  Electron Linac Control Bldg. (Lobby and one more point)
  Superconducting RF Test Facility(STF Bldg.)
  Superconducting RF Test Facility(Control room meeting corner、gallery)
  PF Main Bldg. (1F user room、2F meeting room, 3F meeting room, 4F, 5F)
  PF Light Source Bldg. (Experiment hall, 1F, 2F)
  PF-AR South Lab. North east, North, North West Lab., PF-AR EastLab.No.2 Bldg.
  Advanced Instrumentation Lab、Health and Safety Office
  Advanced Instrumentation Lab. (2)1F, 2F
  Development shared building, Accelerator South Lab.
  DR Experiment Power Station
  Superconducting Accelerator Promotion Center

 square01_b  Notes

   Circle_g You need to bring your own client adapter.
   Circle_g You need to confirm MAC Address. KEK will not support MAC Address search.
   Circle_g No wall connector is in the Dormitory. Only wireless LAN system is available.
   Circle_g In case a trouble of security,we may ask you to stop or limit your use immediately.
   Circle_gIn case a trouble to originate in the way of using occurred, we may ask you to stop or limit
    your use.    

     Copyright(c) 2007-2023,
   1-1 Oho Tsukuba, Ibaraki 305-0801 Japan