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 ■KEK Users Office
 1-1 Oho Tsukuba, Ibaraki
 305-0801 Japan.

 ■J-PARC Center Users Office
 162-1 Shirakata Tokai-mura
 Naka-gun,Ibaraki 319-1195
 Tel: 029-284-3398
 Fax: 029-284-3286


1. About User Registration

  Q1. I cannot login although password is correct.

Try again considering the points below.
  • Please confirm the password you registered with User Support System when your User Registration was completed.
  • Fill in the initial password, letter by letter, paying attention to capital or small letters.
  • When using copy and paste functions, check one letter lost or unnecessary space inserted.
  • Your password shall be no shorter than 8 and no longer than 16 letters/ numbers/ marks combinations.
When you tried all above, and still have problems to login, please contact Users Office.

  Q2. I registered as a user, but I have not received my ID.

Our approval process of your User Registration usually takes 3 working days, but in some case we might wait confirmation from your Spokesperson.
Please contact Users Office by phone, if urgent.
It may happen that our mails on ID are recognized as spam by your mail software. Please check the spam mail box.

  Q3. I have already registered as a user, but I forgot my password.

We can re-issue your password, so please contact Users Office by mail.
Another initial password will be sent to you from our system.
Please change the initial password within 48 hours after arrival, otherwise it will expire.

  Q4. What to do in case of rejected registration?

Reason of rejection is written in the returned mail. Please read it carefully.
You may need to redo your User Registration from the beginning.
In case you would like to get more detailed explanation concerning reason of rejection, please contact Users Office by mail or phone.

  Q5. I would like to change a language for mail communication.

You may choose Japanese or English for communication.
Language is set to English, if your registration was made in English.
Please contact Users Office for changes.

2. About adding project to your Purpose of Visit

  Q1. I have changed my affiliation, so I would like to change my user information. What should I do?

You can enter your affiliation information when you add projects for purpose of visit. If you have already registered your purpose of visit, please send a change request mail from your portal site.

  Q2. What to do when registered information is wrong?

When you noticed a mistake or necessary changes, you can send a request mail of the change in your portal site. Information other than e-mail address and affiliation information (address, contact information, etc.) can be corrected by yourself.

  Q3. I do not know my Contact Person.

Contact Person is required for users planning to stay at the apartment. Otherwise, you can leave this space blank.

  Q4. Does Project Number need to be specified correctly?

When you know the Project Number, please fill it in.
Almost all projects will appear in pull-down menu of the corresponding categories in the registration process.
For other cases, please ask KEK staff in charge who contacted you upon the projects.

3. About Dormitory booking

Q1. I want to change or cancel a dormitory reservation. What should I do?

You can change or cancel from your own portal site until 24:00 the day before the first day of your stay.
If it is the day of your stay, please contact the Users Office by email. Please note that if you cancel on the day, the accommodation fee will be charged.

  Q2. After check-in, I want to check out earlier than planned. What should I do?

Please email the Users Office until 24:00 the day before the desired check-out date.
  Q3. I would like to extend the period of stay.


We are sorry, but we do not accept extension of the dormitory reservation once started. Please make a new room reservation.

  Q4. I often have to change rooms. Is there anything that can be done about it ?


In the current system, when SB (with bath and toilet) is the first choice, the room of the first choice is preferentially assigned, so the same room is not continuously secured due to the small number of SB vacancies during congestion such as during the experiment period. If you do not want to change rooms so often, please make S (without bath and toilet) as your first choice, and it is more likely that you will be able to secure the same room.

4. About Wireless LAN

  Q1. I want to use wireless LAN, what should I do ?

Please see here for details.
  Q2. I want to connect to MA (Tsubaki-III) for the following reasons. [PF users only]
  • To process "Experiment Information Management System" procedure
  • For experimental data and analysis
  • To output experimental data and analysis results to a PF printer
  • For searching and browsing electronic journals

A shared PC is provided by the PF group in the experiment hall and the user waiting room (outside the experiment hall). Please use that PC. In some cases, they prepare a PC at the experiment station.

  Q3. I want to connect to MA (Tsubaki-III) in order to access to the measurement PC.

In this case, connection to MA (Tsubaki-III) is possible because it corresponds to "When connection to the internal network is required for research execution".
Please input "MA (Tsubaki-III) request" and the reason in the "Classification" column.

  Q4. When I enter the connection key of KEK-Spot's SSID "keyaki", the event input screen for the guest net appears.

If the applied MAC address is incorrect, it is not registered and the above input screen is displayed. Please verify the MAC address again and reapply. Also, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 often have two MAC addresses, so please check and apply for both.

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