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         Traffic Regulation in the KEK Tsukuba Campus  (2015.9.14)(2018.5.07)

 This is a reminder on the traffic safety practice that all of you are instructed to follow in KEK’s Tsukuba

 Staff members of KEK are asked to share this information with visitors and contractors around you
 whenever appropriate.

 1. The Road Traffic Law applies in KEK’s Tsukuba campus.

 In addition, the KEK rule stipulates that the speed limit for automobiles is 30 km/h and pedestrians
 have the right of way anywhere on site.

 All vehicle drivers must pay due attentions and must slow down at the hump to avoid collisions and

 Tail-gating , wrong-way driving and driving while texting are strictly forbidden.

 Please wear a helmet when motorbike riding.

 2. Please confirm the traffic safety when you enter an intersection.

 In so doing always follow the stop sign when you are driving a vehicle.

 3. Please park your vehicle in a designated parking area.

 Parking in non-designated areas can jeopardize the safety of work or pedestrians in the neighborhood
 and could hinder maneuvering of emergency vehicles.

 While driving in parking areas, pay due attention to pedestrians and other vehicle in the same manner
 as you are on street.

 Private vehicles not in use for regular commuting should not be continually parked in KEK’s Tsukuba
 campus for a prolonged period of time.

 4. Please make sure to pause at the gate in front of the KEK information center when you enter
  the campus by car/motorbike.

 5. Bicycles must keep to the left and must not take a right-side traffic.

 Two or more bicycles must not run side-by-side.

 A head light must be turned on a bicycle in the evening, at night and at dawn.

 6. Please display the permit always when you are on site.

 When you change your vehicle (including motorbike), please inform Health and Safety Office of it.

   Application : PDF

 We thank you, in advance, for your cooperation in following the traffic rules to prevent accidents and
 to mutually secure everyone’s safety.

 When you witness traffic safety incidents or encounter accidents,

 please contact the KEK information center (ex3399 or 029-864-5572) without delay, irrespective of
 their magnitude.

  Inquiries should be directed to Health and Safety Office at ext. 5119

 updated: 2018-09-07

                       1-1Oho Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 Japan. e-mail: