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 The year: FY 2018

    #230. Updating User Registration per each project and Radiation Workers Registration
                   (Feb. 19, 2019)


   Please be aware that the same procedures from your portal site must be repeated every fiscal
   year in Japan starting April 1st. In other words, registration is valid for one year only.

   First, If you work on several projects, you must do separate User Registrations per each project.
   When you cannot recall your User ID and/or Password, please e-mail us. usersoffice@mail.kek.jp
   Operation manual for adding projects to your User Registration :

   Please make sure that you have updated the registration as visiting radiation workers in KEK.
   (Expiration date of registration for 2018 FY: 0:00 April 1.)
   This involves your bringing in your application form (Form 10) and receiving a radiation safety
   refresher course on video.

   Form 10 for radiation workers registration should be created using the following user portal.
   How to submit the form 10 is;

   At the end sent it with the bar code to the KEK Radiation Science Center.
   Addecc : 1-1 Oho, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. Post cord 305-0801, Tel/Fax:+81-29-864-5495

   If you are a Leader in charge for the experiment, you also need to submit the form 9-2 which is
   Application Form for Radiation.

   Failing to update the status will prevent you from entering any radiation control area where an
   ID card is required.
   You are required to watch the video program for the safety training to go inside the radiation
   controlled areas as well.

   You are able to take education of Radiation Safety (video programs);
    - Users of the Photon Factory: The front desks at the Photon Factory(5778)
    - Users of Others: The Radiation Control Main Office (telephone 3500)

   Users can check your monitoring record at KEK Tsukuba.
   How to check;
   Log in to the User Portal ⇒【Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC】
               ⇒【1.Adoministration relating to your visit】
               ⇒【View of dose results at KEK Tsukuba】
               ⇒【Monitoring Record is displayed】

  For details, please contact Radiation Science Center Office at Tsukuba Campus
  (e-mail:Rad-Office@ml.post.kek.jp / telephone:5495).

 updated: 2019-02-20

                       1-1Oho Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0801 Japan. e-mail: usersoffice@mail.kek.jp