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This document stipulates the terms for using the Shared Support System provided by the High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (hereinafter referred to as KEK). All intending users must read the terms and agree with all the articles before using the system. Users are presumed to have agreed with all terms.

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Terms of Service for the Shared Support System
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)

March 1, 2007  
Section 1 General Rules
Article 1
 This document stipulates the terms of use for the Shared Support System provided by KEK.
Article 2
 The terminology used in this document is defined below:
  (1) Online application
To apply for use through the KEK web server
  (2) The system
The Shared Support System provided by KEK
  (3) Principal of application
The person who applies to KEK
  (4) System user
A person who applies online to use the system
A third party who is entrusted with application on behalf of a user
  (5) User ID
A unique identifying code provided by KEK to every user of the system
A code to identify the user for security reasons, provided by KEK at the time of application; may be altered by the user at any time
A user's personal web page accessed by logging into the system using the user ID and password
Request for confirmation of travel expense application
The email from KEK which confirms an application for travel expenses by a user and confirmation screen of the website
(Extent of applicability)
Article 3
  1.  These Terms of Service apply to all system users.
Detailed regulations for enforcement of these terms and the rules supporting them also apply to all system users as part of the terms.
KEK reserves the right to revise the Terms of Service without prior notice, and the revised terms shall apply to all users from the day the revision comes into effect. KEK shall advise users of any revisions on its website.
Section 2 Use of the System
(Observance of the terms)
Article 4
System users must read the Terms of Service carefully and agree with them before using the system.
System users are presumed to have agreed with the Terms of Service when they use the system.
(Responsibilities of system users)
Article 5
System users must manage all of the information listed below that results from using the system, and any kind of electronic correspondence (including electromagnetic records), themselves without putting any responsibility onto KEK.
(1) User ID
(2) Password
(3) Request for confirmation of application for travel expenses
(4) Emails exchanged through the system
(5) Documents for travel requests
(6) Any information that arises in the course of using the system
System users are requested to confirm the processing of their applications on the confirmation screen when needed.
KEK shall not be responsible for any damage or loss suffered by users or third parties due to the users' failure to confirm the processing of an application.
System users must keep confidential all official documents obtained in the course of using the system after their expiration.
(Management of user ID)
Article 6
KEK issues user IDs to applicants to identify the users of the system and to provide them with secure services. Users are requested to manage their IDs and passwords responsibly.
  2.  Users are required to manage their IDs and passwords with good care.
Actions taken by a person using an ID or password of a user shall be deemed to be the actions taken by the user who owns the ID or password. If a user's ID is used without permission or his/her ID and password are leaked to a third party, the user is required to report the fact to KEK immediately.
(Entrustment of application)
Article 7
If a user entrusts a third party with online application, that party is understood to have been delegated full authority regarding the application.
The third party to whom a user entrusts an application shall be among those designated by KEK. It is prohibited to entrust an undesignated person with an application.
(Delay in application)
Article 8
If a user fails to apply online by the date specified in other rules by KEK, KEK shall take no responsibility for any loss suffered by the user or third party.
(Application for travel expenses)
Article 9
If a user applies for travel expenses, the application must conform to the actual itinerary of the user's trip. The applicant must notify the KEK Users' Office of any change that occurs after the application.
The applicant must promptly confirm and respond to the request for confirmation of travel expense application, and notify the KEK Users' Office if the details are not correct.
When KEK asks the applicant to submit evidence for travel expenses, the applicant must respond promptly.
KEK's rules on travel expenses shall govern any decision on the provision and calculation of travel expenses.
When an applicant for travel expenses uses the KEK Dormitory, the dormitory charge shall be subtracted from the travel expenses provided to the applicant.
If a user applies online for travel expenses and accommodation simultaneously, the applicant is presumed to have agreed that the travel expenses will be reduced by the total dormitory charge.
(Application for accommodation)
Article 10
If a user applies online for accommodation, the system automatically reserves the first available room in the KEK Dormitory and shows the results online. The applicant must confirm the reservation on the screen themselves.
When reservation is made, a reservation card, called a Permit, is made available for printing through the portal. The user must print this out and bring it for checking in at the dormitory. KEK will deem that accommodation is not reserved if the user does not carry the Permit, or if no information on reservation has been registered online.
Users of the dormitory must pay the accommodation fee by the date specified by KEK.
  4.  Points 5 and 6 in the Article 9 also apply
(Intellectual property rights of the system)
Article 11
The intellectual property rights, such as copyright, moral right, and relevant know-how, related to all the programs and other works leased or provided by KEK (including these Terms of Service and the operational manual of the system) belong to KEK.
When using the system, users shall handle all the programs and other works leased or provided by KEK in accordance with the following rules:

Users shall use the materials only in accordance with the Terms of Service.
Duplication, alteration, editing, and distribution are not allowed. Reverse engineering is prohibited.
The materials shall not be leased or transferred to any third party, whether for profit or not, or used for mortgage purposes.
Copyrights and trademarks of KEK shall not be tampered with, deleted, or altered.
(Available time of the system)
Article 12
KEK shall suspend the system during the periodic maintenance time as specified separately.
KEK shall suspend the use of the system at any time without notice if necessary.
As a rule, the system shall be available except during the suspensions mentioned above (including Sundays and holidays).
Paperwork for online application submitted to KEK shall be processed by the person in charge during office hours.
(Suspension or restriction of use of the system)
Article 13
KEK shall bar any user from the system or restrict the use of the system with prior notice if the user:
uses or tries to use the system for any purpose that is against the Terms of Service
abuses or tries to abuse the system for any purpose against public morality, e.g. illegal action using emails, sending viruses
damages or threatens to damage the system.
If immediate action is needed, however, KEK shall suspend or restrict the use of the system without notice.
(Usable letters or characters)
Article 14
The letters or characters usable in the system are basically those in the following categories. However, depending on the PC environment of the user, some letters or characters are not available even if they are in the following categories.
(1) JISX-0201-1997 is used for one-byte Roman letters, numbers, and symbols.
(2) JISX-0208-1997 is used for two-byte letters, JIS First Level Chinese characters, and JIS Second Level Chinese characters.
Section 3 Management of the System
(Equipment etc.)
Article 15
System users shall prepare at their expense all equipment (including software and means of communication) necessary to use the system, and make necessary arrangements themselves at their expense.
(Guarantee of the system)
Article 16
If service of the system is delayed, interrupted, or suspended, KEK shall bear no responsibility for any resulting damage that users or third parties may suffer.
(Restriction on use in times of emergency or congestion)
Article 17
  1.  KEK may suspend or restrict the use of the system in case of emergencies, such as natural disasters or accidents.
  2.  KEK may restrict the use of the system when the system is highly congested.
Section 4 Disclaimer
Article 18
KEK offers the service as-is and does not guarantee the integrity, solidity, usefulness, or suitability for specific purposes.
KEK shall periodically back up stored data using a method specified by KEK. If stored data are accidentally deleted owing to media problems, KEK shall try to retrieve the data from the backups to the extent possible.
KEK shall not be responsible for damages or losses incurred by the users from using the service, nor be obliged to pay for any damage. If a user causes damages to KEK or a third party in the course of using the system, the responsibility and cost for the damages shall be borne by the user. KEK shall never be liable for any compensation for any damages.
Section 5 Miscellaneous
(Agreement jurisdictional court)
Article 19
Tokyo District Court is designated as the Agreement Jurisdictional Court to settle any lawsuit arising between KEK and the system users in the usage of the system.
(Detailed regulations)
Article 20
  Detailed regulations necessary to implement the Terms of Service shall be specified separately.
Supplementary provision
  These Terms of Service shall come into effect on March 1, 2007.

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