Theme-driven Joint Research

Theme Project Leader Related Measurement Methods
Formation of a foundation for multi-probe research
01 Multiscale and multimodal structure analysis with quantum beams and informatics ONO Kanta Surface, Bulk, Inhomogeneous
02 SOFt Interface Analysis platform with Multi-Probe; SOFIA-MP YAMADA Norifumi Surface
Research on physical properties for the development of new devices
03 Multi-probe observation of surface and interface of spintronics materials toward development of devices with ultra-high-speed operation and ultra-low-power consumption AMEMIYA Kenta Surface
04 Atomic arrangement and electronic state of functional atomic layered materials WADA Ken Surface
05 Elucidation of principles of functional materials using multi-quantum-beam probes: toward establishment of guidelines for development of next-generation devices SAGAYAMA Hajime Bulk
Visualization of functional sites of materials
06 Observation of dynamics of catalytic reactions -for encouraging non-active sites to go active- ABE Hitoshi Surface,Inhomogeneous
07 Estimation of the origin of crack initiation sites for structural materials in social infrastructures NIWA Yasuhiro Inhomogeneous
08 Visualization of the reaction path in lithium-ion secondary battery KIMURA Masao Inhomogeneous
09 Visualization of Dynamic Functionality in ultrafast Photoresponsive Materials NOZAWA Shunsuke Bulk
Historiography of the generation process of matter
10 Understanding the past history of earth and planet (water, carbon) / environment / resources YAMASHITA Shohei / KIMURA Masao Inhomogeneous
11 QBFS, Quantum Beam Food Science YAMADA Norifumi / ABE Hitoshi Bulk, Surface
12 Integration of arts and sciences using quantum beams SHIMOMURA Koichiro / MIYAKE Yasuhiro Bulk, Inhomogeneous