Photon Factory


Current status of PF/PF-AR operation

July 9, 2020

Dear PF users,

The ring operation schedule of PF/PF-AR from May 8, to July 1 was once cancelled for reducing the risk of COVID-19 for users and ourselves. And then, as the situation improved, we operated the PF from June 17 to July 1 with a limited number of visitors to acquire experiences on experiments in the time of COVID-19.

We are now planning to operate PF/PF-AR from the middle of October to the middle of December.

If you have any comment or question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I sincerely wish that all of you remain safe and healthy.
We will keep in touch with you.

Director of Photon Factory
Nobumasa Funamori

Any inquiries should be sent to:
PF Secretaries

April 9, 2020 : Operation schedule of PF/PF-AR is cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19

Operation schedule of PF/PF-AR from October to December 2020 (PDF)

About Coronavirus countermeasures in KEK