Photon Factory


About the Photon Factory Safety Training 2021

April 12, 2021

Users of Photon Factory and Slow Positron Facility are requested to receive Photon Factory Safety Training every Japanese fiscal year starting from April online.

Procedure of the safety training is as follows:

  1. You should register as a KEK radiation worker according the instruction of KEK radiation control office.
    KEK radiation control office: Registration Procedure for users
  2. When the KEK radiation control office receive the Radiation-Work Form (No.10), you can find a button to receive an e-mail for the Safety Training on the "Administrative Procedures for Visiting KEK/J-PARC” > "1. Administration relating to your visit” page. Before the KEK radiation control office have received your Form 10, "Not approved yet” is displayed instead of the button.
  3. Follow the instruction described in the e-mail, you should receive the "Photon Factory Safety Training 2021” within 12 hours. It may take 1 hour including some examination.
  4. You will find certificate page if you pass the examination, which includes "Application for radiation work in controlled area".
    Please print the certificate page and bring with you to PF.
  5. When you arrive at PF, you should submit the printed certificate page ("Application for radiation work in controlled area") at the entrance of PF experimental hall, then you can receive a personal dosimeter and an ID card.