Reconstruction of BL-11 and BL-12

April 8, 2022

Dear Photon Factory users,

As a part of the future plan of the Photon Factory, we have decided to construct a multi-function R&D beamline at BL-11, which enables trial runs of innovative ideas of beamline sciences. Accordingly, the current activities at BL-11A, BL-11B, and BL-11D will be continued with a new beamline covering a wide energy range from 50 eV to 5000 eV at BL-12A, or existing beamlines covering the similar energy range.

We are currently considering a schedule to shut down BL-11A, BL-11B, and BL-11D at the end of FY2022 and to start using the new BL-12A in the latter half of FY2023. Prior to this, relocation of BL-12C will be carried out during the summer break in FY2022. We apologize to users of BL-11 and BL-12 for any inconvenience and appreciate their understanding and cooperation.

Nobumasa Funamori, Director of the Photon Factory