Current status of the Photon Factory operation schedule in FY2022

June 22, 2022

Dear Photon Factory users,

Since FY2021, the Photon Factory has set a guideline of 3600 hours of PF and 2400 hours of PF-AR for annual user operation. Now the operation schedule for the second period (September-December) of FY2022 has been fixed and despite the recent high electricity prices, the total operation time for the first and second periods is expected to be 3000 hours of PF and 2000 hours of PF-AR, the same as before FY2020. However, this is a result of the high level of support received from KEK for the first and second periods of operation, and without a fall in electricity prices or support from outside KEK, the third period of operation (January-March) would be difficult.

Users are kindly asked to be understanding of these circumstances and to effectively use the second period of beamtime.

Nobumasa Funamori, Director of the Photon Factory