Dr. Nur Ika Puji Ayu, SOKENDAI, received School of High Energy Accelerator Science Dean’s Award

December 28, 2021

In September 2021, Dr. Nur Ika Puji Ayu of the Department of Materials Structure Science, School of High Energy Accelerator Science, The Graduate University for Advanced Studies (SOKENDAI), received the School of High Energy Accelerator Science Dean’s Award. Dr. Ayu’s thesis is titled “Synthesis and Structural Studies on (Ba,Sr)3Ga(H,D)O4 and Ba2LiD3O Oxyhydrides”.

Dr. Ayu with her certificate

Dr. Ayu is from Indonesia and continued her research at the Materials and Life Science Experimental Facility (MLF) in J-PARC for 5 years until she received her degree. For the first two years, she used the BL19 Takumi, and for the latter three years, she mainly used the BL09 SPICA. She had the opportunity to join hands-on experiments at BL08 SuperHRPD, BL14 AMATERAS, and Muon S1 ARTEMIS.

Dr. Ayu was the first student to take advantage of the co-supervision system implemented at SOKENDAI in 2020. After entering the School of High Energy Accelerator Science, she also received guidance at the Department of Structural Molecular Science, School of Physical Sciences, located at the Institute for Molecular Science (IMS), an inter-university research institute. She prepared samples, measured their physical properties at the IMS, and conducted experiments using neutron beams at J-PARC MLF. The name of both majors are written together on the degree certificate awarded in September.

Dr. Ayu’s Comments:
It is a great honor for me to receive this special award. I want to thank all the support from my supervisors, Professor Takashi Kamiyama and Associate Professor Genki Kobayashi, and also the faculty and academic staff during my study.
It was an excellent opportunity to perform research at the world’s leading neutron facility in Japan, KEK-J-PARC. In addition, SOKENDAI supports a wide range of research activities to deepen my knowledge of the material structure and develop a wide range of skills of material synthesis and characterizations by inter-university research institutes collaboration. I also enjoyed campus life through the student gathering. Those experiences have helped my future career development as a researcher.

With members of the Department of Structural Molecular Science, IMS
With members of the Structural Science Group, Neutron Science Division, IMSS

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