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BL-13A/B : Vacuum Ultraviolet and Soft X-Ray Spectroscopy Station for Surface Chemistry


Beamline group Subcommittee 1 (Photoelectron spectroscopy)
  • Core-level photoelectron spectroscopy
  • Angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (ARPES)
  • Soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy
  • The photon-energy ranges available at BL-13 are 48−2000 eV for the horizontal linear polarized light, 102−2000 eV for the vertical linear polarized light, 74−700 eV for the left and right circular polarized lights, and 59−2000 eV for the left and right elliptical polarized lights.
  • A photoemission spectrometer is permanently installed at the first focal position in BL-13B, so that you can perform soft X-ray absorption spectroscopy with a small spot of 80 μm (horizontal) ×15 μm (vertical) approximately.
  • A near-ambient-pressure X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy brought in by a user is installed at the second focal point in BL-13B.
  • A photoelectron spectroscopy brought in by a user which can precisely control the sample temperature is installed at the intermediate position between the first focal position and the second focal position.
  • You can install your own apparatus to the free port in BL-13A to conduct your experiment.
Area of research
  • Surface chemistry
  • Organic thin films
  • Solid-state physics
  • Kazuhiko MASE mase(at)
  • Please change (at) to @ in the e-mail address.
  • The beamline can be selectively used with the other beamlines covering similar energy ranges (Undulator: BL-2A/B, 16A, 19A/B,28A/B, Bending magnet: BL-3B,7A, 11A, 11D), so please consult with the contact person for the request.


  • PF 2.5-GeV Ring, elliptically-polarizing undulator (APPLE-II)
  • Variable-included-angle Monk-Gillieson-type monochromator with varied-line-spacing gratings (VLSGs) and two focusing post-mirrors (toroidal mirrors)
Energy range
  • Horizontal linear polarization : 48 - 2000 eV
  • Vertical linear polarization : 102 - 2000 eV
  • Left and right circular polarization : 74 - 700 eV
  • Left and right elliptical polarization : 59 - 2000 eV
Resolution (ΔE/E)
Grating (Gr) & slit conditions Light energy
64.1eV 244.3eV 401eV 867eV
Gr 300 line/mm、slit width of 30 μm 1/10000 1/3600 - -
Gr 300 line/mm、slit width of 100 μm 1/6500 1/2900 - -
Gr 1000 line/mm、slit width of 30 μm - 1/7700 1/7100 1/7200
Gr 1000 line/mm、slit width of 100 μm - 1/5200 1/5000 1/4000
Beam size
  • The first focal point at BL-13B : 80 μm (H) x 15 μm (V)
  • The second focal point at BL-13B : 630 μm (H) x 120 μm (V)
  • The first focal point at BL-13A : 420 μm (H) x 80 μm (V)
Photon flux
  • 1013 - 109 photons/s

The measured values of photon number at BL-13A. LHR represents horizontal linear polarization. LVS represents vertical linear polarization. E+S represents elliptically polarization. C+S represents circular polarization. E1 represents 1st harmonic. E3 represents 3rd harmonic. E5 represents the 5th harmonic. Gr represents grating.
  • A photoemission spectrometer. Omicron-type sample holders can be used.

    A photoemission spectrometer. Omicron-type sample holders can be used.
  • Sample current detector,microchannel plate detector
Remote / Mail-in
  • Not available
Special notes
  • Typical photon intensity drop in the carbon K-edge region(hν = 275 - 295 eV)is around 4% at most.
  • A mirror for higher harmonics suppression and a higher harmonics filter are installed at BL-13B./li>
  • Sample size under 10 mm square is recommended.
  • Users are permitted to bring in their own apparatus to BL-13A. The pressure at the connecting chamber to the BL should be under 10-6 Pa. The synchrotron radiation is at a height of about 1200 mm from the floor.

    A top view of the beamlines and experimental area.


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