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BL-14A : Single Crystal Structure Analysis / Detector Development


Beamline Group  Subcommittee 2 (X-ray diffraction and scattering)
  • X-ray diffraction
  • Experiment for detectors to analyze a pulse-height, energy scan, and time resolved spectroscopy
  • Measurement to determine the precise electron density distribution of a material by horizontal-scattering-plane-type four-circle diffractometer by vertical-linear-polarized x-ray from the vertical-type wiggler.
  • Research and development for an x-ray detector to utilize high energy x-rays of 30 ~ 80 keV and focused x-rays up to 19 keV.
Area of research
  • Crystal structure analysis by a four-circle diffractometer with APD-detector.
  • Research and development of a detector for x-ray astronomy and synchrotron x-ray experiments.
  • Hajime SAGAYAMA hajime.sagayama(at)
  • Please change (at) to @ in the e-mail address.


  • Vertical-type wiggler
  • Monochromator [Si(111), (311), or (553)]
  • Mirror [one meter cylindrical bending with Rh coating utilized when Si(111) monochromator is selected. It can be utilized by the fixed mode of x-ray focusing point]
Energy range
  • Si(111) : 5.1 - 18.5 keV
  • Si(311) : 9.9 - 35.4 keV
  • Si(553) : 23.0 - 82.7 keV
Resolution (ΔE/E)
  • ~2 × 10-4 [at Si(111)]
Beam size
  • 2 mm (H) × less than 1 mm (V) with mirror
  • 5 mm (H) × 35 mm (V) [Maximum]
Photon flux
  • 1 × 1011 photons/s mm2 [Si(111) monochromator + mirror, max.)
  • Horizontal-scattering-plane-type four-circle diffractometer and 8ch stacked APD detector
  • Automatic scanning stage for detector experiment and various tools for the optical experiment
  • 8ch stacked APD detector (45-degree setting)
Remote / Mail-in
  • not available
Special notes
  • Instruments for research and development of a detector will be fixed on the optical rail (50 cm length) on the diffractometer stage or on the floor to the downstream side of ~1 m from the diffractometer stage.

More information


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