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BL-27A: Radiation biology, XPS, soft X-ray XAFS for radioactive samples


Experimental stations of BL-27 are located inside the 'hot' laboratory where radioactive materials or samples including U or Th can be handled. BL-27A is a soft X-ray station (1.8 to 6 keV) which is one of the branch lines of BL-27. BL-27 has been co-operated by the Radiation Biology Users Group and Nuclear Science Research Users Group since FY2019.

  • Soft X-ray irradiation system for radiobiology
  • XPS
  • Soft X-ray XAFS (fluorescent mode)
  • Biological samples can be irradiated with soft X-rays both in vacuum and in atmospheric condition.
  • Biological sample preparation rooms are situated in this hot area.
Area of Research
  • Radiation biology
  • Nuclear science
  • Environmental science for radioisotopes
Main Research Field for proposal submission
  • 1. Spectroscopy on electronic structure for XPS and XAFS proposal
    (5. Life science II for radiation biology proposal)
  • Beamline Scientist : Noriko USAMI
  • WG Leader of Radiation Biology Users Group : Akinari YOKOYA (QST)
  • WG Leader of Nuclear Science Research Users Group : Yoshihiro OKAMOTO (JAEA)
Spacial notes
  • The governmental law strictly limits usable amount of radioactivity. Users who wish to use radioisotopes should be contact with the beamline scientist in advance.


Source bending
Optics Bent cylindrical mirror [Pt coated SiC]
Double crystal monochromator [InSb(111)]
Energy Range 1.8 to 6 keV
Resolution E/dE 103
Photon Flux 1011 photons/s or 7kR/s in vacuum
1 kR/s in air at 2.1 keV
Beam Size 20 mm (H) x 4 mm (v) at biological irradiation chamber (in vacuum)
6 mm (H) x 3 mm (v) in air
  • Irradiation apparatus for biological samples
    Sample scanning systems can be available in order to irradiate samples wider than the beam size.
  • Photoelectron spectrometer manufactured by VSW.
  • Fluorescence XAFS measurement instrument in the soft X-rays in air and in solution
  • Free-air ionization chamber for radiobiological dose measurement
  • Peltier-cooled Si-PIN X-ray detector for fluorescence XAFS


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Last updated: 2019-4-24