Beamline Engineering Group

Group Leader: IGARASHI, Noriyuki

So that the advanced scientific research can be performed by full use of the light source, we have carried out research and development of optics, detectors, control systems and related technologies. We also lead it to the advanced R&D for the future light source.

To proceed with the photon science and peripheral R&D smoothly, we have improved our facilities, equipment and infrastructures. We are also in charge of the safety of synchrotron radiation experiments.

[Major Research Projects]

Development and construction of synchrotron radiation beamlines
Alignment of an X-ray
Commissioning of a soft X-ray
mirror system

Introducing good quality synchrotron light to the samples is a key for the experiments with good quality. To realize this we develop the elemental technologies such as optics and vacuum technology, and design and construct beamlines with these technologies.

R&D Study of experimental apparatus and detectors
R&D Study of XAFS apparatus
with multi-element SSD

We are doing various R&D such as experimental apparatus, detectors and data analysis for advanced research using synchrotron radiation.

R&D Study of beamline control system
R&D Study of beamline control system

In the Photon Factory, many scientists in various research backgrounds use the beamline and experimental apparatus. We have developed highly scalable and user-friendly control systems.

Safety control for synchrotron radiation experiment

For the safety use of synchrotron radiation, we have developed and maintained an interlock system. We are also doing various R&D for the safety use of chemicals, electricity etc.


Organization of the Photon Factory