S-type proposals

S-type proposals are reserved for project-type studies, which cannot be carried out in the condition of G-type category experiments.

S1 is the category of proposals with excellent quality including the construction of beamlines or experimental apparatus which will serve general users after the completion of the project.

S2 is the category of proposals with excellent quality, which require full use of synchrotron radiation and a large amount of beamtime.

List of currently active S1-type proposals

Proposal No.TermSpokespersonTitle
No S1-type proposals currently active.

List of currently active S2-type proposals

Proposal No. Term Spokesperson Title
2013S2-004 2013/10-2016/9 K. Amemiya Exploration of spintronics materials by soft X-ray polarization switching
2013S2-005 2013/10-2016/9 Y. Nagashima Laser spectroscopy of positronium negative ions and its applications
  Tokyo Univ. of Science
2014S2-001 2014/4-2017/3 R. Kumai Structural modulation and the origin of phase transition under external fields in molecular systems
2014S2-003 2014/4-2017/3 H. Sawa Study of the new quantum lattice liquid system by crystal field analysis
  Nagoya Univ.
2014S2-004 2014/10-2017/9 Y. Fukaya Topmost surface structure determination using total reflection high-energy positron diffraction
2014S2-006 2014/10-2017/9 S. Nozawa Dynamic study for optical functional materials by high-efficiency time-resolved XAFS
2015S2-002 2015/4-2018/3 M. Kimura Reveal of heterogeneity in structural materials for airplanes in order to improve mechanical properties and chemical stability at high temperatures
2015S2-003 2015/4-2018/3 T. Takahashi Novel quantum phases of functional materials studied by high-resolution ARPES
  Tohoku Univ.
2015S2-005 2015/10-2018/9 H. Kumigashira Novel two-dimensional electron liquid states in quantum well structures of strongly-correlated oxides
2015S2-006 2015/10-2018/9 K. Ichiyanagi Shock-induced structural and reaction dynamics by high-power laser irradiation
2015S2-007 2015/10-2018/9 Y. Yamasaki Observation of Spin Texture and its Dynamics by Resonant X-ray Scattering
  Univ. of Tokyo
2015S2-008 2015/10-2018/9 H. Kondoh Study on electronic states and reaction activity of catalysts by combination of advanced soft x-ray spectroscopies
  Keio Univ.
2015S2-009 2015/10-2018/9 Y. Wakabayashi Surface structural materials science based on high temporal- and spatialresolution observation
  Osaka Univ.
2016S2-001 2016/4-2019/3 M. Kimura Reveal of heterogeneous factors in heat- and environmental-resistant structural materials for airplanes through multi-dimensional and scale analysis
2016S2-002 2016/4-2019/3 Y. Takahashi STXM carbon research: Evolution and function of organic matter revealed by spatial-resolved chemical speciation
  Univ. of Tokyo
2016S2-003 2016/4-2019/3 A. Waseda Homogeneity characterization of lattice spacing of silicon for the realization of kilogram and its application
2016S2-004 2016/4-2019/3 J. Yamaura Synchrotron radiation research on element strategy and ACCEL projects: The investigation of functionalities in new electronic materials and catalysts
  Tokyo Institute of Technology