Papers should be registered : Q&A

Please note the publication of a refereed paper, international conference proceedings, review, instruction manual, books, bulletins and similar works are applied to our Database as "Journal" category, but non-refereed abstracts, Users' report in PF Activity Report and preprints are excluded. However, extended abstracts regarded as the equivalent to papers by its concerned society and abstracts of a domestic conference with a few pages might be included. Please refer to the following Q&A if you are not sure that your publication should be registered or not.

Do not forget to input your proposal number with your publication. You can input two or more proposal numbers for each publication.

You can also register your thesis, invited talk, prize, patent etc. as your scientific output by using PF.

Q1 : The main part of my paper is about the development of new samples and their characterization. Although results obtained by the use of PF are included, but it is only a small part of the paper. Should I register it in the PF database?
A1 : If description of experimental results at PF is included in the paper, please register it even if it is a small part of it.

Q2 : Should I register publications written in any language such as Japanese?
A2 : It must be registered as publications since papers written in Japanese are common in some research fields such as medical science. But please note that registered information will be used in some English literatures such as Photon Factory Activity Report, KEK Annual Report and other reports related to PF. Therefore information translated into English should be added.

Q3. My paper includes outcome of work at PF which is not mentioned in my application. Should I register it?
A3: It may raise questions for the meaning of proposal evaluation if such situation happens frequently. However, sometimes your research may extend to unexpected directions and may open new sciences, please register it.

Q4. Final results obtained at another facility were used for my paper however a preliminary experiment was carried out at PF. Do I need to register the paper?
A4 : It is important to express the role of PF to produce the final results in your research. In these cases, please mention that the preliminary experiment was carried out at PF in your paper, and include it in acknowledgment. If the preliminary experiment at PF was effective in promoting your research but that was not mentioned in the paper, register the paper and add a comment about it.

Q5. What should I do when I don't remember any information such as proposal number because we conducted an experiment at PF quite a while ago.
A5 : Proposals ended before 2007 are not included in the system. So if you want to know your proposal number ended before 2007, please ask PF secretary by e-mail (pf-sec[at]

Q6 : Should I register meeting abstracts in the database?
A6 : Abstracts for usual meetings will not be included in the database. If an extended abstract which has more than 3 pages in print is considered as literature in your research fields, please register it.

Q7:Do I need to register non-refereed conference proceedings?
A8 : For example, PAC (Particle Accelerator Conference) proceedings which have more than 3 pages in print without review are considered as literature in related research fields. It must be registered.

Q8 : Should I register KEK Proceedings which are published as a report of PF conference? How about reports involved in Highlights for Photon Factory Activity Reports?
A8 : Please note that KEK Proceedings should be registered as a "booklet" not an "individual report". Users' report and Highlights in PF Activity Report are not included.