Beamline sciences

The Protein X-ray (PX) beamline facilities (BL-1A, 5A, 17A, NW12A, and NE3A) are open to external academic users, after acceptance of their proposals by the PF Program Advisory Committee (PF-PAC). The number of proposals and external users we accept is still increasing. A proportion of the beamtime is also allocated for industrial application. Currently, 14 Japanese pharmaceutical companies are conducting crystallographic studies for the development of future drug candidates. For this purpose, a high-throughput macromolecular crystallography beamline, AR-NE3A, was constructed and funded in partnership with Astellas Pharma Inc. We have also developed the BioSAXS beamlines (BL-6A, 10C, and 15A2) with the support of the PDIS project.

* for PX users

* for BioSAXS users

Use of low-energy X-ray (PX)

To retrieve information about the light atoms contained in the biological macromolecules maximally, we are beamline developed specialized for low energy X-rays are rare in the world. To take advantage of the high absorption effect low-energy X-ray There are various difficulties but, in order to overcome them, we are developing a methodology in addition to the development of a dedicated device.

Automation(PX, BioSAXS)

Protein crystal structure analysis and drug discovery research do the diffraction experiments using a sample of several hundred to 1000. In addition, in the solution scattering it will also experiment to preparative sample the minute column chromatography just prior to the data measurement. In order to perform such experiments quickly, and promoting automation of the diffraction experiments full use of robotics, etc. (Automatic mounting robot (PX) and autosampler (BioSAXS)).We also promoted such as database systems and automated analysis maintenance of pipelines for handling data obtained with efficiently in experiments ( PReMo (PX), SAngler (BioSAXS)).

Other technologies(PX, SAXS)

To connect seamlessly process until diffraction experiments from crystallization in-situ data measurements and the (PX), and the development of online microspectroscopy system to capture a change in the state of the sample during data collection (PX, BioSAXS), radiationWe are engaged in a variety of peripheral technologies developed to expand the horizons of structural biology from light use.