Seminars in FY 2010

Date Speaker and Title Slide
Aug. 16 Hirotaka Sugawara (JSPS)
Broken S3 Symmetry in Flavor Physics
Nov. 30 Anatael Cabrera (CNRS/IN2P3)
Double Chooz - on the Theta_13 quest.....
Aug. 16 Fabian Zomer (LAL)
Laser beam - electron beam Compton scattering Technology and applications. Description of the new ATF four-mirror cavity
pdf, ppt
Aug. 06 Prof. Satoshi Mihara (KEK)
Recent results from the MEG experiment
May. 27 Frank Simon (MPI Munich)
Particle Flow and Imaging Calorimeters
Apr.12 Prof. Daniel M. Kaplan (Illinois Institute of Technology)
New Experiments with Antiprotons

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