Seminars in FY 2007

Date Speaker and Title Slide
Mar.19 Steve Kahn (SLAC)
The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope Project
pdf, ppt
Mar.03 Hide-Kazu Tanaka (Columbia University)
SciBooNE Experiment
Feb.22 Ken Long (Imperial College London)
The Neutrino Factory
Jan.29 Tim Gershon (University of Warwich)
SuperB, A High-Luminosity Asymmetric e+e- Super Flavour Factory
Jan.16 Toshi Sumida (Kyoto University)
New Result from KEK-PS E391a on the search for the decay KL->pi0 nu nubar
Jan.10 Francesca Di Lodovico (Queen Mary, University of London)
Semileptonic B decays at BaBar
Nov.19 Shuichi Kunori (University of Meryland)
CMS Road to Early LHC Physics
Nov.6 Michael D.Hasinoff (University of British Columbia)
The TWIST Experiment
Nov.1 Katsuo Tokushuku (Columbia University)
Physics at LHC and the recent progress toward the first collision
pdf, pdf
Jul.31 Kendall Mahn (Columbia University)
Recent results and future plans for Booster Neutrino Beamline
Jul.18 Akiya Miyamoto (KEK)
Introduction: ILC Detectors: Status and Prospects
pdf, ppt
Jul.18 Yasuhiro Sugimoto (KEK)
Design Activity of Large Detector for ILC
pdf, ppt
Jul.18 Harry Weerts (Argonne National Laboratory)
The SiD concept and Detector R&D in the US
pdf1, pdf2
ppt1, ppt2
Jun.14 Humitaka Sato (Konan Univ.)
ILC heno Kitai
pdf, ppt
Jun.12 Mark Strikman (Penn State University)
Novel hard QCD exclusive phenomena at J-PARC energies
May.22 Axel Brendenstein (DAAD/KEK)
PROPHECY4F: a PROPer description for the Higgs dECaY into 4 Fermions
May.14 Louis Lyons (University of Oxford)
Statistical issues related to discovery
pdf1, pdf2, ppt
May.7 Bostjan Golob (University of Ljublijana)
Evidence for D0-D0_bar mixing at Belle
pdf, ppt
Apr.18 Martin Tzanov (University of Colorado)
First Oscillation Results from MiniBooNE
pdf, ppt

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