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Seminars in FY 2014

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Date Speaker and Title Slide
Mar. 17 Elisabetta Barberio (Univ. of Melbourne)
Title: A south Hemisphere prospective on Dark Matter
Jan. 27 Yannis Semertzidis (KAIST)
Title: Large scale axion dark matter experiment
Sep. 30 Motohiko Yoshimura, Noboru Sasano (Okayama University)
Title: Project of Neutrino Mass Spectroscopy: its theory and experimental progress
pdf(Theory) pdf(Experiment)
July 25 George Wei-Shu Hou (National Taiwan University)
Title: NTA -- Towards Survey of Astronomical Tau Neutrino Sources
pptx pdf
June 24 Christophe ROYON (IRFU-SPP, CEA Saclay)
Title: Forward Physics and search for extra-dimensions in the universe at the LHC with proton tagging
Apr. 15 Chao-Lin Kuo (Stanford Univ.)
Title: BICEP2 results, implications, and future

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