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# Practical training for undergraduate students

KEK accepts practical training for undergraduate students under following conditions:

1. Students are not allowed to do any experiments without attendance of supervisor.

2. Students are not allowed to treat radiation materials.

3. Students need to have permission for radiation work back in their university and have completed safety training at KEK before entering radiation area.

4. Students are not allowed to operate crane trucks and any other special motor vehicles.

5. Students must comply with rules and regulations in KEK.

6. If students do damage to KEK property intentionally or by gross negligence, they must compensate for it.

7. Supervisor must take responsibility for any injuries or accidents of students in KEK premises.


  1. Application

Submit the “Application form to practice”(PDF)
to Users Office as an email attachment (President / Dean’s Signature is required).

Bring the original when you visit Users Office.
2. Permission

KEK issues the permission (within 1week after an application)

3. Pre-visit Procedures

Start the registration and visiting procedures via the User Support System

4. Practical Training


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