Latest information on the COVID-19 at PF

As the COVID-19 situation improved, we operated the PF from June 17 to July 1 with a limited number of visitors to acquire experiences on experiments in the time of COVID-19.
We are now planning to operate PF/PF-AR from the middle of October to the middle of December.

Announcement from PF

July 9, 2020 Current status of PF/PF-AR operation

Operation schedule of PF/PF-AR from October to December 2020 (PDF)

The ring operation schedule of PF/PF-AR from May 8, to July 1 is cancelled for reducing the risk of COVID-19 for users and ourselves.
The period of validity for a proposal does not extend due to this cancellation. You are requested to submit a new proposal for performing your experiment after October 2020 if your proposal will expire at the end of September.

Announcement from PF

Apr.15, 2020 Call for Proposals valid from Oct. 2020

Apr.9, 2020 Operation schedule of PF/PF-AR is cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19

Scientific research for COVID-19

For any experiment that contributes to the COVID-19 pandemic, we may consider to operate the PF ring for a short period of time to support such kind of experiments.

Any inquiries should be sent to:

About Coronavirus countermeasures in KEK