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AR-NE7A : X-ray Imaging and X-ray Diffraction Experiments at High Pressure


Beamline group Subcommittee 6 (X-ray Optics and Imaging / High Pressure Science)

The upstream section in the experimental hutch is for general purpose. The downstream section is dedicated to high-pressure and high-temperature experiments.

  • X-ray absorption-contrast imaging
  • X-ray fluorescence imaging
  • X-ray reflectivity
High pressure
  • X-ray diffraction
  • X-ray radiography
Features Imaging
  • User can setup their own optics and conduct various kinds of X-ray imaging experiments.
High pressure
  • Various types of in-situ measurements under high pressure and high temperature are feasible.
  • In addition to normal high-pressure and high-temperature experiments, high-pressure and high-temperature deformation experiments are feasible with D-DIA and D111 type modules.
Area of research Imaging
  • Materials science
  • Medical Science
  • X-ray optics
High pressure
  • High pressure science
  • Earth and planetary science
  • Imaging : Operates by PF
  • High pressure : Operates by User Group
Contacts Imaging
  • Keiichi HIRANO keiichi.hirano(at)
High pressure
  • UG : Tomoaki KUBO (Kyushu Univ.) kubotomo(at)
  • UG : Hiroki TAKAHASHI (Nihon Univ.) hiroki(at)
  • PF : Yuki SHIBAZAKI yuki.shibazaki(at)
Please change (at) to @ in the e-mail address.


  • 6.5/5.0GeV PF-AR Bending magnet (NE7)
  • Fixed-exit double-crystal monochromator [Si(111)]
Energy range
  • Monochromatic mode : 10 - 60 keV
  • White mode : 20 - 140 keV
Resolution (ΔE/E)
  • ~ 1 × 10-3
Beam size
  • 30 mm (W) × 3 mm (H) (for typical monochromatic X-rays)
Photon flux
  • ~ 108-9 photons/s/mm2 at 30 keV
Instruments Imaging
  • Optical bench
  • Sample positioning jig
  • Asymmetrically-cut crystals(Si(111)、Si(220)、Si(311))and goniometers
High pressure
  • Press: MAX-III (Maximum loads 700 tons)
    Module: DIA-type, D-DIA-type (D-CAP), D111-type

  • MAX-III with D111-type module
    left: D-DIA-type module, right: DIA-type module
Detectors Imaging
  • X-ray CCD camera
High pressure
  • Ge-SSD
  • Flat card detector (Dexela 2923)
  • Imaging plate (flat cassette type)
  • X-ray CCD camera
Remote / Mail-in
  • Not available
Special notes Imaging
  • Reservation is required for the use of an X-ray camera.
  • Please consult with the beamline staff in advance for bringing user’s own instruments in the experimental hutch.
High pressure
  • The standard pressurization method is the 6-8 type.
  • Users need to prepare high pressure cells by themselves.
  • The 2θ angle of the Ge-SSD is usually fixed at 6°. Please consult with the beamline staff if it is necessary to change this setting.
  • The high-pressure press is installed in the experimental hutch. If you wish to conduct experiments without the instrument (module) or to bring in other instruments, please consult with the beamline staff.

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