Report on KEK Cosmo 2024 ― Statistical Analysis of Random Fields in Cosmology

KEK Cosmo 2024, “Statistical Analysis of Random Fields in Cosmology,” was held on March 4-6, 2024, at the KEK Tsukuba Campus. KEK-Cosmo is an international research meeting in the field of astrophysics held annually in Tsukuba, Japan. In the past, we have held international conferences and international schools inviting researchers from Japan and abroad.


In this year’s meeting, we collaborated with researchers from the Institute of Statistical Mathematics to hold a specialized workshop focusing on statistical analysis of cosmology. We invited not only researchers in cosmology but also domestic and international researchers active in the field of mathematics with expertise in mathematical statistics and machine learning, and discussed topics mainly in the peripheral fields of physics and mathematics related to the stochastic fields that appear in cosmology.


The program consisted of five long talks and 16 regular talks, together with applications for general talks in related fields to the program of invited talks. About 50 researchers and students gathered, including general participants. Relevant analytical methods in mathematics, physics and engineering were shared with researchers from different fields, and very meaningful discussions and exchanges of ideas took place among the researchers. Many new acquaintances were made at this workshop, and it is highly expected that this will be the starting point for new collaborations in the future.

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