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Participants in the Belle II Physics Week=a Belle II member took it in October, 2018/<i class='fa fa-copyright' aria-hidden='true'></i> KEK IPNS

Participants in the Belle II Physics Week=a Belle II member took it in October, 2018/ KEK IPNS

The Belle II Physics Week (Belle II Theory Interface Platform, B2TiP, Workshop) was held October 22-26, 2018 on the Tsukuba campus of KEK in the 3-go-kan seminar hall. The Physics Week continued the series of meetings previously held as part of the Belle II Theory Interface Platform series, which led to the publication of the Belle II Physics Book. This workshop was held just after the Belle II General Meeting (B2GM) which is a tri-annual plenary meeting in which a large number of Belle II members from many countries participate.

During the Belle II Physics Week, young researchers including graduate students and postdocs studied experimental techniques and theoretical ideas, which make up the background of Belle II physics analyses, through various lectures. Belle II just completed its pilot run in July 2018 (Phase 2) and plans to start its first physics run (Phase 3) in March 2019, and thus the experiment is attracting growing interest from researchers across the globe. The workshop, organised by Alessandro Gaz (KMI / Nagoya University); Emi Kou (LAL-IN2P3); and Phillip Urquijo (University of Melbourne), aimed to introduce newer members of the collaboration to the tools that they will need to successfully study to large anticipated data sets next year.

Many of the lecturers were theoretical researchers rather than Belle II group members: for example, Stefania Gori (UC Santa Cruz), Patrick Stengel (Stockholm University), and Takaaki Nomura (KIAS). In total, about 80 young researchers from 18 countries including Japan, Germany, Italy, the USA, and Korea participated in the Belle II Physics Week.

the lecture scene

the lecture scene

Each day morning lectures discussed theoretical topics such as dark matter surveys, lepton flavor violation, and much more with more experimental or hands-on exercises in the afternoon. After the lectures, some young participants gathered together at the lounge in Kenkyu-Honkan and carried on with deep discussions and exchanges with each other until late at night.

This was the first Belle II Physics Week. The Belle II group plans to do this on a regular basis.

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