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6 Museum of Art & Museum & Animation 

  Listed a main museum of art and museum of Ibarak Prefecturei, Tokyo and Chiba Prefecture.

 Museum of Art & Museums


  There are many Museums of Art and Museums in Ibaraki. List below shows Museums not too fare
  away from KEK.

   Geological Museum (Tsukuba )  
   Tsukuba Museum of Art Ibaraki (Tsukuba) (This site is available only in Japanese) 
   Tsukuba Botanical Museum (Tsukuba)  
   Ibaraki Nature Museum (Bando city)  
   Access:Take the Tsukuba Express train to Moriya Station. Then take a Kanto Tetsudo bus
       bound for either Iwai Bus terminal and get off at Shizen Hakubutsukan Iriguchi
       from Moriya Station West-Exit #1. It is a 5minute walk from there. <Timetable ya>
   Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum (Kasama)  
   Access:Take the JR Joban Line train to Tomobe Station. Then take a Kasama Loop bus and
       get off at Ibaraki Ceramic Art Museum "Togei-bijutu-kan" from Tomobe Station North-Exit.
       <Timetable ya>
   Kasama Nichido Museum of Art (Kasama
   Access:Take the JR Joban Line train to Tomobe Station. Then take a Kasama Loop bus and
       get off at Kasama Nichido Museum of Art "Nichido Bijutsu-kan" from Tomobe Station North-
       Exit. <Timetable ya>
   Tenshin Memorial museum of Art Ibaraki(Mito) 
    Access:Take the JR Joban Line train to Mito Station. Then take a Joban Line train bound for Iwaki
       and get off Otsuko Station. It is a 5-minute by Taxi from Station.
       <Timetable and route searchya>                    
   The Museum of Modern Art Ibaraki (Mito
    Access:Take the JR Joban Line train to Mito Station. Then take a Loop Bus bound for Haraisawa or
       Hongo and get off Bunka Center Iriguchi from Mito Station South Exit #8.<Timetable ya>
       <Timetable and route searchya>


 There are many Museum of art and Museum in Tokyo.
 Please visit the GO TOKTO website ( Art galleries and Museumsya)


   National Museum of Japanese History ya

  The National Museum of Japanese History, known popularly in Japanese as Rekihaku, is a general
  museum of Japanese history that houses and displays some 200,000 artifacts of historical
  importance and cultural value that together help to tell the story of Japan's past

  Access: Take the Tsukuba Express train to Akihabara Station. Then take the JR Sobu Line bound for
      Chiba Station and get off at Inage Station. Change the JR Rapit train Narita Line bound for
      Narita Airport and get off at Sakura Station. Then take a bus from station North Exit #1
      and get off at National Museum of Japanese History. <Bus Timetable ya>


 midori_pin Anime Guide for Japan Anime Map ya
    (by Japan National Tourism Organization)

 midori_pin Web site of Japan gude about anime related attractions in Tokyo ya

Information for Shopping, Theme Parks, Museums and Events.

 midori_pin Ghible Museum, Mitaka ya

  When you walk along Kichijoji Avenue, in the shade of the tall green trees of
  Mitaka's Inokashira Park, you come upon a colorful building. Standing in front
  of a sign that says "Ghibli Museum, Mitaka", a very large Totoro welcomes you
  at the entrance.
  Entrance to the Ghibli Museum is strictly by advance purchase of a reserved
  ticket which specifies the appointed date of the reservation.

  Reserved tickets can be purchased only at LAWSON convenience stores
  throughout Japan.   
  >>How to buy tickets at LAWSON ya

<Ghible Museum>

 updated: 2019-12-02