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Sightseeing Spots of requiring over 2 hours driving


 In this range, there are too many places to see. Below are only a few examples. 

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    Place              Description 
 Fukuroda Falls ya  Fukuroda-no-taki Falls, said to be one of the most famous falls in Japan, is
 120m high and 73m wide, stopping at four different levels on the way 
 down. The fall also is called "Four-Time Falls" as it reflects four seasonal
 beauties such as fresh spring green, red leaves of autumn or icefall in
 Driving time will be around 3.5 hours (207km) driving from KEK . 
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 Kawaguci Lake ya
 Mt. Fuji
 Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan at 3,776.24 m. 
 It takes around 2.5 hours (104km) drive from KEK to Mt. Fuji-gogome.
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 Hakone ya  Hakone in known in history as a checkpoint on the old Tokaido Road, which
 linked the eastern and western parts of Japan.
 Driving time will be around 2.5 hours (155km) Access: please see PDF 

 Hakone ya  Please visit the web site of Hakome Zenzan anou Onsen.<Click hereya>
 Access: please see a PDF
 Nikko ya  There are may Onsen. Please visit the web site of Nikko Kinuga a Travel 
 Guide <Click here> <Map ya> Access: please see PDF
 Kinugawa-onsen ya  Kinugawa Hot Spring is one of Japan's foremost spa resorts, boasting an
 abundant supply of hot spring water. 2.5 hours drive from KEK. 
 There are other sightseeing spots near Kinugawa-onsen;
   Tobu-world-square yaEdo wonderland Nikko Edomura ya
   Trick Art Pia-Nikko(Japanese) yaRyuokyo Valley(Japanese) ya 
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 Nikko To-sho-ghu  
 Ensuring 'To-ku-ga-wa I-e-ya-su', the first general of Edo era who reigned
 Japan. Interesting place to visit, although it is not done to my taste. 
 It takes around two hours drive (96 km) from KEK.
 <Map of Nokko ya> Access: please see PDF
 Kashima-Jingu ya  The Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine is said to have been established in 660 B.C.
 and it is the oldest and largest Shinto shrine in the Kanto region. 
 It takes around 1.5 hours drive (86 km) from KEK.
 Naritasan Shinsho-jiya  The temple was first established to commemorate the victory in 940 of the
 forces dispatched from the Heian capita to suppress a revolt by the powerful
 Kantō region samurai, Taira no Masakado. 
 It takes around 1.5 hours drive (56 km, Free road use) from KEK.
 Tsukuba Sta.→TX→Nagareyama ootaka-nomori Sta.→Toubu Noda Line →
 →Kashiwa Sta.→JR Joban Line→Abiko Sta. →JR Noda Line→ Narita Sta.
 Kamakura ya

 Kamakura is a small city and a very popular tourist destination. Sometimes
 called the Kyoto of Eastern Japan, Kamakura offers numerous temples, 
 shrines and other historical monuments. 2.5 hours (129km)drive from KEK.
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 Kurita Museum ya

 Probably the best and largest collection of famous Japanese pottery, "Imari"
 and "Nabeshima" in the world. World famous collectors of Imari and
 Nabeshima, such as Ms. Elizabeth Taylor. There is Ashikaga Flower Parkya
 near Museum. Two and a half hours drive from KEK.
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 National Museum of 
 Japanese History
 It is located not too far from Narita Airport. If you want to know about the
 Japanese history and cultural background, it is worth visiting there.
 Tokyo Disney
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 Spots or old streets are located
 Kawagoe ya  The old storehouse merchant houses are lined up, and the Toki-no-kane 
 (Bell Tower) rings to tell the time. Take a stroll through the town in a
 kimono and you'll feel as if you've travelled back in time to ancient Edo. 
 It take about 2 hours by train from Tsukuba.
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