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6 Tokyo Sightseeing Spots


 There are many leisure activities in Tokyo. We introduce the place that a lot of foreigners go there.

 <Timetable and Roure search in English ya>

   Place             Description 
 Tokyo Walks
 Guide for Imperial Place Area, Ueno Park Area, Asakusa Area and Shinjuku
 Area (by JNTO). Please see PDF 
 Imperial Palace ya   Imperial Palace (Click hereya) and Imperial Palace East Garden (Click hereya)
 Open 9:00 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. (until 5:00 P.M. from mid April through August;
 until 4:00 P.M from November through February). Admission ends 30 minutes
 before closing. Closed on Mondays, Fridays, New Year (Dec 28 to Jan 3) and
 some special occasions. Admission is free.
 Access : Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<Yamanote Line>→Tokyo Sta.
     → <on foot>→Imperial Palece
 Ueno Park Areaya    Taito-ku Guide (Click hereya)
  Guide for Ueno Park. (Click hereya)
 Meiji Shrineya  Guide for Meiji Shrine and Access. (Click hereya)
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Sobu Line>→Yoyogi Sta.→
     →<Yamanote Line>→Harajyuku→<on foot>→Meiji Shrine
 Shinjuku Gyoen ya  Open 9:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M., Closed on Monday and Year end/New year.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Okachimachi Sta.→<Toei-Ohedo Line>→ 
     →Iidabashi Sta.→ <5 min. on foot>→Shinjuku Gyoen
 Rikugien ya  Admmission is 300 yen, Open 9:00A.M. - 5:00P.M., Closed on Dec.29- Jan 1.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→ Kitasenju Sta.→<Chiyoda Line>→ Nishi-
     nippori Sta.→<Yamanote Line>→Komagome Sta.(Exti N14) →<7 min.
     on foot> → Rikugien
  Guide for Asakusa, Temples and Shrines and shopping. (Click hereya)
  Kappabashi guide (Click hereya) and food samples (Click hereya)
 Kappabashi Dogu-gaiya(Shopping street of Kitchenware shops) is near TX
 Asakusa Station.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Asakusa Sta
 Tokyo Metropolitan
 Central Wholesale
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Yamanote Line>→
     →Yurakucho Sta.→<Yurakucho Line>→Toyosu Sta.→<Yurikamome>→
     →Shijo-mae Sta.→<on foot>→Toyosu Shijo
  TX Timetable (Click hereya)
 Akihabara ya  Guide for Akihaba, Map of Akihabada Area and Major electronics stores.
 (Click hereya
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX> → Akihabara Sta.  
 TX Timetable (Click hereya)
 Ginza ya  Ginza guide(Click hereya) Shops and Tourist Information is hereya
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Kitasenju Sta.→<Hibiya Line>→Ginza Sta.
 Odaiba ya   Odaiba is a popular shopping and entertainment district on a man made island
 in Tokyo Bay. Odaiba Park Information (Click hereya)
 Access: 1) Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Yamanote Line>→
       →Shinbashi Sta. →<Yurikamome →<TX>→>→Daiba Sta.
     2) Tsukuba Center→<Kantetsu Busya>→ Tokyo Teleport (Odaiba)

 There are TOKYO SKYTREE toure, Shopping Place, Aquarium and Planetarium
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Kitasenju Sta.→<Tobu Sky Tree Line>→Tokyo
     Sky Tree Sta.→<on foot>→Tokyo SkyTree Town
 Tokyo towerya   Guide of access is here.ya  9:00 a.m.- 11:00p.m.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Kitasenju Sta.→<Hibiya Line>→Kamiya Sta.→ 
     →<on foot>→Tokyo Tower
 Japanese Culture
 Sumo Tounament is held six times. However, held three times a year, January,
 May and September at kokugikan. Sumo Museum is open between 10:00 A.M.-
 4:30 P.M., Colesed on weekend, National Holidays and Year end/New year.
 There is Ed0-Tokyo Museum next to it.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Sobu Line>→Ryogoku Sta.
      West Exit → <2 min. on foot> → Edo-Tokyo Museum
 Kabuki-za ya  You can purchase tickets online! (Click hereya) or at the Box Office of Kabukiza.
 A kabuki program is made from several acts. The Single Act ticket is
 recommended for those who would like to view just one act. There are only 
 on the day tickets for the single act, and they are sold at the box office on the
 left side of the main entrance. For more information. (Click hereya)
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Kitasenju Sta.→<Hibiya Line>→Higashi-ginza
     Sta.(Exit #3)→ <1 min. on foot> → Kabukiza
 The permanent exhibition, showcasing original objects and replicas, offers
 visitors a journey through the 400-year history of Edo-Tokyo since Tokugawa
 Ieyasu entered Edo. There is Ryogoku kokugikan next to museum.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Sobu Line>→Ryogoku Sta
     (Exit A4 or A3)→ <1 min. on foot> → Edo-Tokyo Museum
 Ghibli Museum ya  All admission to the Ghibli Museum, Mitaka is by advance reservation only. No
 tickets are sold at the Museum. Reserved tickets can be purchased only 
 at LAWSON convenience stores in Japan. (Click hereya)
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Sobu Line>→Ochanomizu
     Sta. →<JR Chuo Lime>→Mitaka Sta. South Exit →<Loop bus ya>→
 Museum in Tokyo  There are many Museum and Museum Art in Tokyo.(Click hereya)
 Mt. Takao ya 
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<JR Sobu Line>→Ochanomizu
     Sta. →<JR Chuo Lime>→Takao Sta. →<Keio-takao Lime>→Takaosan-
 Tourist bus
 Hato bus ya


 Hato bus is tourist bus. They have hafe-day Tokyo sightseeing, etc. in English
 and Chainese. 
 There are tow bus departure places as below:
  At Hamamatsu-cho bus terminal is available for foreign language 
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<Yamanote Line>→
     →Hamamatsu-cho Sta.→<on foot >→ Hamamatsu Bus Terminal
  At Tokyo Station Marunouchi-south Exte is only available in Japanese.
 Access: Tsukuba Sta.→<TX>→Akihabara Sta.→<Yamanote Line>→Tokyo Sta
 Sunrise Tours
 JTB "Sunrise Tours" has many types of toues, Samurai & Ninja safari Tokyo
 Entertainment Bus, etc. so please visite their website.

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