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Sightseeing in Tsukuba

  Google Map ya
 Tsukuba is located in a region that was originally farm land. It was converted to a "Science City" by the
 Japanese Government.Large area of farm lands were purchased by the government and many research
 institutions all around Japan were moved here one after another, including Tsukuba University.
 There are not many historical points of interest worth seeing within a walking distance from the center
 of the city.
 A day trip with a car will get you to wide variety of things to see, however. Nikko Toshogu Shrine,
 Kashima Shrine to name a few. Public transportation is very limited for sightseeing around this town.

 Within Tsukuba-City

    Place                Description
 Science Square 
 Science Square is a showroom of “industrial technology” where research and 
 research results of AIST are presented in an easy to understand manner.
 Access: Take the Kanto-tetsudo bus bound for "Arakawaoki Station", 10minutes
 bus ride from the Tsukuba Bus Terminal to Namiki 2-chome bus stop, about 5
 minutes from bus stop to AIST Tsukuba Center. there is Science Square
 inside of the AIST Tsukuba Center.

 Part of the Geological Survey of Japan. Geology related displays, rocks, fossils
 Access: Take the Kanto-tetsudo bus bound for Arakawaoki Station, 10 minutes
 bus ride from the Tsukuba Bus Terminal to Namiki 2-chome bus stop, about 5
 minutes from bus stop to AIST Tsukuba Center. there is Geological Museum
 inside of the AIST Tsukuba Center.
 Part of the National Science Museum. Over 14 hectares (35 acres) area is filled
 with 80,000 plants of 3500 types. 
 Access: Take the Kanto-tetsudo bus bound for Tsukuba Center from KEK to
 Tsukuba Jikken Shokubutsu-en bus stop, about 10 minutse. Tsuku-bus dosen't
 stop there.
 Tsukuba Space
 As JAXA's center for the latest research and development in space, JAXA offers
 tours of its facility for a better understanding of its work from the past, in the
 present, and for the future. 10:00 A.M- 5:00 P.M (Click hereya)
 Guided tours are operated 2 times a day at 11:30 and 15:00. A reservation is
 necessary, phone 029-868-2023 (10:00 A.M- 4:30 P.M) or on the Japanese
 web site. (click hereya) Fee is 500 yen.
 Access: Take the Kanto-tetsudo bus bound for Arakawaoki Station, 10 minutes
 from the Tsukuba Bus Terminal, get off the bus at "Bushitsu Kenkyu-jo Mae"
 bus stop. 1minues from bus stop.
 Tsukuba Botan-en
 (Peony Garden)

 Opne mid-April to end ofMay.
 Spreading out near Lake Ushiku is the 60,000 m2 Peony Garden, which
 features 10,000 plants and 550 varieties of peonies; 5,000 plants and 215
 varieties of Chinese peonies; and 500 plants and 80 varieties of roses. Visitors
 can see important new varieties, and even rose varieties that have won the 
 Grand Prix at international rose expositions. Located around 40 min.(18km)
 driving from KEK. AccessPlease see a PDF  Japanese web-siteya
 Mt.Tsukubaya  Mt.Tsukuba Shrine is a classical example of shrine architecture. Worshippers
 invoke the male god Izanagi and the female god Izanami for lasting marriages,
 safety, prosperity and warding off evil spirits. 12km (half an hour drive) from
 KEK. Access for Mt.Tsukuba Plum Tree Festival. 
 Access:Mar.-May. and Sep.-Nov (PDF) / Jun.-Aug. and Dec.-Feb.(PDF)
 Mt.Houkyousan   Mt. Houkyou is 461 meters. Let's go hiking !!  Hiking Course Map (JP) 
 Access:KEK→<Hokubu shuttle bus>→Tsukuba Koryu Center→<Oda shuttle 
 bus>→Ohike・Hirasawakanga-iseki Iriguchi (Traihead:Yamaguchi Course2)
    or Oda Chubu(Traihead:Oda-jo Course)
    or Oda-hokubu(Traihead:Gokurakuji Course and Joganji Course)
 Mt. Tsukuba has been called for "Mt. Fuji in the west. Mt. Tsukuba is 877 
 meters. 12km (half an hour drive) from KEK.
 Access: Mar.-May. and Sep.-Nov.(PDF) / Jun.-Aug. and Dec.-Feb.(PDF)
 Ichinoya Yasaka
 Jinja (Shrine)
 A nice small shrine, Yasaka Jinja, founded in 9th century. The Tengyo-no-ran  
 (war) destroyed the original building so that present buildings were restored
 in 1676 and 1711. A 750years old zelkova tree is also something to see. 
 There is an Antique market "Kotto-nomino-ichi" is held on fourth Sunday of
 every month between morning and sunset.
 Access: Geting on Kantetsu Bus bound for Tsukuba Center from KEK to
 Ichinoya bus stop. It's takes about 5 minutes from KEK. Tsuku-bus does not
 stop at Ichinoya. Kantetsu Bus Timetable
 Cyberdyne Studioya

 CYBERDYNE STUDIO is the facility where people can get in touch with the most
 advanced robotic technologies.
 Access: 3 minuts from Tsukuba Station to Kenkyu Gakuen Sta. by Tsukuba
 Express semi-rapid. 4 minuts from Station North exit to the shopping mall “iias
 Tsukuba”on foot. It is on the second floor.

 Tsukuba Expo

 The full-scale rocket indicates that you have arrived at the Tsukuba Expo Centr.
 Entrance fee is 400yen/Adult. 
 Access: About 5 minutes from Tsukuba Bus Terminal on foot. 


  The Institute of Tsukuba Convention & Tourism Bureau(Japanese)

 updated: 2019-12-02