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Sightseeing Spots within one hour driving


   Place             Description Good Seasons
 Oarai Aquarium  There are about 580 types of marine lives in aqua world and  especially it features the large number of sharks in japan.
 Access: Please see PDF
 Hitachi Kaihin
 It consists of flower gardens, sand dunes, amusement park, 
 meadow, cycling paths, BBQ area etc. It is one of the four
 largest rock’n’roll music festivals in Japan.<Guide>
 Access: Please see PDF
 Any season.
 Kairaku-en(Mito)  The Kairakuen was a landscape gardening project started by 
 Nariaki Tokugawa. The park opened in July 1842.
 The Kairakuen was built for not only feudal lords or feudal
 warriors, but also for commoners. Therefore, the design 
 incorporates characteristics from modern parks as well as a
 formal Japanese landscape gardens.
 In early spring, about 100 different types of plum trees
 bloom with a total of 3000 flowers. 
 Access: Please see PDF 
 Season of
 plum trees

 Located 25km south west of KEK.
 Access: Please see PDF 

 Any season
 Warp station Edo
 It is a history park reproducing the rows of houses of Edo in
 Minami-Ota, Tsukubamirai-shi. Driving time will be around 
 50minutes (24km) from KEK. Access: Please see PDF 
 Any season
 Amabiki Kannon   This temple shows a classic example of shrine architecture.
 13th century. North of KEK, 27km drive.
 Any season
 Located on the North-East slope of Mt.Tsukuba, this temple
 provides nice view of Tsuchiura area. 40km from KEK.
 There is the Ibaraki Flower Park near Saiko-in
 Any season
 Museum/Museun Airt
 Ibaraki Nature  
 Ibaraki Nature Museum is beside Sugao Marsh that is the largest nature
 conservation area in Ibaraki.
 Access: KEK-(bus)-Tsukuba Center-(on foot)-Tsukuba Sta.-(TX)-Moriya Sta.-
     (bus, bound for Iwai 岩井)-Shizen Hakubutsu-kan Iriguchi-(on foot)-
     Nature Museum
 Ibaraki Ceramic Art
 Kasama Nichido  
 Museum of Art
 Access: Please see PDF 
 The Museum of  
 Modern Art Ibaraki
 Access: Please see the website
     Tsukuba Center-- Tsuchikura Sta.-- Mito Sta.-- The Museum
 Kasama City
 Well known for "Kasama-Yaki" potteries. Kasama-Yaki style 
 started in late 18th century by a potter 'Cho-e-mon'. Visit 
 museums and various potters. Small but a nice art gallery,
 Nitchi-Doh Bijyutukan,has some nice collections. Located
 30km north east of KEK. Driving time will be around an
 Access: Please see PDF 

 Any season.  
 But season
 of azaleas is

 Mashiko City 


 Well known for "Mashiko-Yaki" potteries. Famous potter Shoji
 Hamada made this city well known.
 Mashiko-Kinenkan(Museum) was a house/workshop of
 Hamada, which originally was a large farm house.
 Excellent collection of various potteries. Located 30km north  of KEK. Requires about an hour of driving.
 You could try a wheel and make your own art. They will
 teach you how to use a wheel.(Tsukamoto-Seito) 
 Access: Please see PDF 
 Any season
 Drive north on Rt.408 (Higashi-Odori). Turn right and then
 left so that you go toward Mt. Tsukuba. Stay on the road
 (Rt.14) passing the road to Mt .Tsukuba until you come to
 the "Ta" intersection (at 15.9km from KEK). You can park
 your car near festival place. (Doll Festival )

 Doll Festiva.

 Ushiku Chateau

 Oldest winery in Japan. (1903). Located 25km south west of
  KEK. About 8min. on foot from Ushiku Station.
 Access: KEK-(bus)-Tsukuba Center-(bus)-Hitachino-ushiku      Sta. -(JR Joban Line)-Ushiku Sta.-(on foot)- Ushiku

 Any season.
 But, Cherry
 season is 


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