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Proposals>PF-AR Test Beamline   
 cha PF-AR Instrumentation Technology Development Test Beamline Experiment

Application guideline for PF-AR Instrumentation Technology Development Test Beamline for the fiscal year 2024

We are calling for proposals regarding research projects using Instrumentation Technology Development Test Beamline at Photon Factory Advanced Ring (PF-AR) in KEK Tsukuba Campus.

I. Eligibiliy

-Professors, researchers, engineers of both domestic and international universities or public research institutes
-Those who are deemed academically equivalent of those above-mentioned by Drector of Institute of Particle and Nuclear Studies, KEK
-Those who belong to research institutes which are qualified to apply for Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research, KAKENHI
following two requirements also need to be satisfied to participate in experiments:
-Take out liability insurance and accident inssurance
-Register as a qualified radiation workers

II. Machine time schedule for PF-AR Test Beamline

From Monday, May 13, 2024 to Friday, June 21, 2024
Operation schedule of PF-AR

III. Application

A. Application form: Free format
The following items needs to be included in the application:
1. Title of the proposed experiment
2. Name of the Principal Investigtor(PI)
in case PI does not understand Japanese, you are required to assign your contact person who resides in Japan and understands Japanese.
3. PI's affiliation 
4. PI's position
5. Contact information (email address and telephone number)
6. Summary of the proposed experiment  
7. Research organization (collaborating members' names, affiliations, positions and roles in the experiment)
8. Research plan (research purpose, experimental methods, desired request of beam specifications and beamtime usage plan)
9. Beamtime request and desired beam allocation dates
Please indicate as much wide available dates as possible, since we cannot always accommodate beamtime requests from users.
10.Publications and research papers related with the proposed experiment. Adopted beamtime in the past.

B. Submission Deadline: Friday, April 5, 2024
Applications are accepted at any time as far as available beamtime.

C. Submission: applications need to be submitted by email addressed to kyodo1[at]mail.kek.
The title of the mail should be [PF-AR Test Beamline application]
Please confirm that there is no garbled character in the application before sending it.
You will receive a mail of confirmation of acceptance from Research Collaboration and User Support Division.
Please contact the office by email or phone if you don’t receive a confirmation within three business days.

D. Miscellaneous
1. Please consult the coordinators of Instrumentation Technology Development Center in advance if you plan to bring hazardous materials like chemicals and poisons.
2. The coordinators will arrange the work including radiation and general safety compliance after adoption.
3. Please note that target position to generate photon cannnot be changed at the discretion of users: please consult the coodinators for beam rate in advance.

IV. Review and Approval
  Submitted proposals are reviewed, and judgement of approval /rejection and priority are determined by the PF-AR Test Beamline Program Advisory Committee, based on the following evaluation criteria.
1. Academic value
2. Technical feasibility
3. Capability of experimental group
4. Relevancy to the Test Beamline experimental plan
Applications of the experiments are limited for peaceful purposes only.
V. Contact

For inquiries regarding conducting experiments
Coordinators of Instrumentation Technology Development Center
E-mail: artbl-secretariat[at]

For inquiries reagarding applications
Research Cooperation and User Support Division
TEL: 029-864-5126
FAX: 029-879-6137

VI. Publication of experimental results

Experimental results are required to be published in the form of academic journal publication or oral presentation at academic conferences.
When you publish your research results, you are required to clearly state that the results are based on the experiments conducted at KEK.
Please register the results to KEK Publication Database.
Please also submit at least one user report for one adopted research project after beamtime.

VII. Intellectual properties
  Intellectual property rights obtained through the experiments at PF-AR Test Beamline shall be settled by the parties based on the KEK Regulations for the Treatment of Intellectual Properties.
VIII. References

Instrumentation Technology Development Center:

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