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 cha Photon Factory

Call for Proposals using the Photon Factory

Photon Factory in Institute of Materials Structure Science, KEK is open for researchers to conduct research utilizing synchrotron radiation from 2.5 GeV and 6.5 GeV electron storage rings. As shown in the outline below, the Institute publicly announces to welcome submission of the research proposals by researchers of foreign countries as well as of Japan. Qualified researchers are those from national, public or private universities as well as from national, public or non-profitable research organizations. Besides synchrotron research, slow positron facility is also opened for public use. Please refer the details of the beamlines.

    Please click here ↓
  List of Experimental Stations at PF 2.5GeV Ring and PF-AR (6.5GeV).

Please refer to the URL below for the application of Multiprobe Experiment. Applications regarding combined use of synchrotron radiation and slow-positron beams can be submitted as Photon Factory proposals.

Please apply using “KEK Proposal Submission System” (except Type S1).
For details, please refer to <2.Application Deadlines and procedure>.

*Protein Crystallography (IMPORTANT) All applicants should submit the Form "List of the preparation status of protein crystals" in case of protein crystallography experiments through the "Proposal Submission System". And also, all applicants need to describe the origin (species) of the sample(s) in section V of your proposal. If your sample(s) is a recombinant protein(s), you must describe not only the origin but also the expression system (expression host) of the sample(s). Information about biological toxicity and pathogenicity of the sample(s) should also be given. (E.g. Origin: human, Expression host: E.coli, No toxicity and no pathogenicity)

1. Proposal Categories
Type G ( General ) : General experiments
           Period of Validity : 2 years*

Type P** ( Preliminary ) : Preliminary experiments by novice users. 
              Period of Validity : 1 year*

* The terms described above mean the maximum length. You can terminate the approved proposal, if the work finishes within the valid term.

** Applicants who want to submit a Type P proposal are required to consult the person responsible for the experimental station on the feasibility of the experiment before submission.

Type S1 ( Special-1 ) : High level research project which requires the development of beamline              and/or large instrument.
             Period of Validity : 3-5 years
Type S2 ( Special-2 ) : High level research project which requires full use of synchrotron radiation              and long beam time
             Period of Validity : 3 years

Type T (Ph.D. student): Proposal for supporting researches by Ph.D. students
             Period of Validity: 3 years (until completing doctoral course )

Type U (Urgent and Important):Exceedingly important proposal which cannot wait until next
                  PF-PAC and the experiment which has a higher priority than the
                  proposals those already approved
2. Application Deadlines and Procedure
Types G November 5, 2021 Fri. 13:00(in Japanese Standard time)
Type S1 Receive at any time*
Type S2

November 5, 2021 Fri. 13:00(in Japanese Standard time)

Type T

November 5, 2021 Fri. 13:00(in Japanese Standard time)

Type U
and P

Receive at any time

We will start accepting applications on October 1, 2021 Fri. 9:00 (in Japanese Standard Time)

Applicants who do not understand Japanese are required to assign a contact person to act as an intermediary with the Photon Factory. His/her approval to act as Contact Person in Japan(CPJ) is obligatory. If you don’t know appropriate person, please contact the beamline scientist that you plan to use or the Research Coordination written below.

Proposals approved by PF-PAC will become effective in April 2022.

*Applicants interested in S1 application are requested to contact the Research Coordination described below.

The spokesperson is requested to complete the user registration as follows before proceeding to the proposal application.

(a) If you have already completed user registration at <User Support System>
 1) Access the URL; and login with USER ID and the password of
  <User Support System>.
 2) Fill out the application form for which you wish to apply.

(b)If you have not completed user registration at <User Support System>
  1) You have to register as user. Access the URL; and click "Register
   new user" then fill out all the required information.
    2) USER ID and a temporary password will be informed to you by e-mail. Login with these
   information and change the password of your choice within 48 hours.
    3) Fill out the application form for which you wish to apply after login process. 2 working days
   are required to process 1) and 2), thus please start the procedure   leaving enough days until
   the application deadline.

The OS and browsers guaranteed by the “KEK proposal submission system” are listed in the following Table.

 Microsoft Windows

 Microsoft Edge Latest stable version

 Internet Explorer Latest stable version

 Mozilla Firefox Latest stable version

 Google Chrome Latest stable version

 Apple Mac OS X

 Apple Safari Latest stable version

 Mozilla Firefox Latest stable version

Google Chrome Latest stable version

If you come across any problems in the KEK proposal submission system or are using different OS and browsers from those listed above, please contact Research Collaboration and User Support Office whose address is shown in the section 5(1).

Once data transfer of the application form is completed without any troubles, the notice of submission acceptance is sent to you by e-mail. Please confirm your submission with the e-mail message.

3. Review of the proposals

Received proposals are reviewed by the Photon Factory Program Advisory Committee (PF-PAC).
The committee will be held in late January.
The screening result by PF-PAC will be notified to the spokesperson and Contact Person in Japan.

The research proposals are restricted for peaceful purposes only, based on Resolution No. 3 of the 33rd extraordinary general meeting of the Physical Society of Japan (Butsuri, 23 (1968) 250, in Japanese) and on the decision of the 522nd committee (Butsuri, 50 (1995) 696, in Japanese).

4. Publication of Results

Experimental results should be published in the Photon Factory Activity Report and/or in other academic journals or presented at conferences.
In these publications, it should be clearly expressed that the research work is carried out at the Photon Factory, KEK.  The publication information should be registered to the  KEK Publication Database ( ).

Concerning the rights on the results from the experiment(s) and their Intellectual Property, please contact Research Collaboration and User Support Office.
 5. Inquiries should be sent to:
(1)About the application forms
Research Collaboration and User Support Office
High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK)
E-mail: kyodo1[at]
(2)About the experiments at Photon Factory
Photon Factory
E-mail: pfexconsult[at]

  6. Others

· The title, name and affiliation of the spokesperson will be opened through web and publications.

· Application deadlines are set on May and November in principle. The next proposal round (proposals approved by PAC become effective from October, 2022) is to start in April, 2022.

· Spokesperson can withdraw the proposal in case the beamtime is not allocated. please send the document (Request for withdraw of the proposal.docx) to Research Collaboration and User Support Office.

·If you resubmit your approved proposal for getting higher score, please describe "Resubmission" in the title of your renewal proposal. And also, you need to withdraw your approved proposal before submitting the renewal proposal. You cannot resubmit your proposal when you receive your beamtime for the approved proposal.

· More details can be found here.


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